Sacred Sundays

"Tools for Living at the Highest Levels of WEvolution"

Sunday, January 9th at 10:00am PT

with Scott Catamas, Larisa Stow, Eden Amadora and Jason Firth

For most of our history, change took place through REVOLUTION….a group of people in reaction against the existing system, creating the perception of change through an often violent action or war. In the WeVolution, our focus is on seeing the “HEAVEN ON EARTH” that already exists. Opening our hearts and minds, and honoring each other. No war or judgment of others, but stepping into a higher vibration frequency together. The WEvolution calls for a collective vibrational shift from creating from the mind alone into heart-centered awareness. It’s a call to link hearts and hands with beloveds in our communities! We walk forward in a united WEvision of what we want to create together in our highest. WE are healing our co-dependence that depletes the planet, transmuting it and creating a reality of interdependence that inspires play and exponential growth. For Larisa Stow and her Shakti Love Warriors, all are welcome to come and play! WE practice heart centered awareness in all relationships and decision making. This community has a beautiful diversity of ages, cultures, races and belief systems. It’s a New Paradigm form of Spiritual Community (KULA) in that the vibration of Unconditional Love uplifts all who choose to participate. Larisa is our collaborative partner for the weekend of January 6-9, and you will note that we have four consecutive days of shows to offer. We will start on Thursday night, January 6th with an event that honors the Reunification of the United States through Love. The Awakening World Weekend continues with online offerings on Friday Night, Saturday Night and Sunday Morning. Our guest presenters and performers include Charles Eisenstein, Michelle Anderson, Niurka, Jody Potiker, Jason Firth, Amikaela Gaston, Terrell Washington Anansi, Eden Amadora and Susan Hough.

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  • Larisa Stow
  • Amikaeyla Gaston
  • Michelle Anderson


  • Charles Eisenstein
  • Michelle Anderson
  • Susan Hough
  • Jody Potiker


  • Larisa Stow and Benj
  • Terrell Washington
  • Jason Firth


  • Larisa Stow
  • Eden Amadora
  • Jason Firth
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