The Awakening World
for The Global Peace Tribe

Visions for Creating an Awakening World

Saturday, April 27, 6pm PT

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HOSTED BY: Scott Catamas

Omashar, co-Host and House Musical Artist
Reya Mana, Guest
Mirabai Devi, Guest
Corinna Angela Winn, Guest
Kurt Krueger, Guest
Dr. Marty Casey, Guest
Mark & Clare Dubois, Guests
Michael Chorvat, Guest Musical Artist
Kristin Hoffmann, Guest Musical Artist
Pia Avia, K.E.S. Meditation Leader

On Saturday Night, April 27th, we are bringing together a dynamic combination of Luminaries to discuss “How do we create an Awakening World”. We are excited to hear from Reya Mana (who wrote the book on The Awakening World), Mirabai Devi, Kurt Krueger, Corinna Angela Winn, Dr. Marty Casey, Clare & Mark Dubois. Each of these beings are well loved and respected presenters & authors.

We will also enjoy musical offerings from Kristin Hoffmann, Omashar and a new friend: Michael Chorvat. The evening will conclude with a powerful K.E.S. Group healing from Pia Avia.

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The Awakening World
March 2024 – June 2024
Wednesdays, 6:00pm PT
Saturdays, 6:00pm PT

Here are our upcoming themes:

On March 13th, we have Judith Anodea joining us. She is a wise Elder who will be premiering her latest offering: A powerful Book on GODDESS.  We will also meet Lee Kemter whose new book is “Tethered to the Cosmos”!

On March 16th, we are excited to be collaborating again with Teresa Collins, Jennifer Hill and “THE CONNECTION FIELD”.  This is a powerful new way for us all to connect online (the spiritual alternative to Facebook)

On March 20th, it’s another edition of AUTHORS THAT WE LOVE with Doug King, who wrote a powerful book on Humanity’s Awakening. We will also meet Corina Angela Winn, whose new book is on TRANSFERENCE.

On March 23rd, it’s our annual collaboration with The Illuminate Film Festival. Our Co-host will be their new Executive Director Teana David. We will meet some of the filmmakers and watch trailers from the selected movies.

We are also setting a date with Marianne Williamson for another exclusive visit with her!

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