The Awakening World
for The Global Peace Tribe

Presenting this weekend’s theme:

Expanding our Vision and
Community through SoulSearch

Friday, July 8, 6pm PT

Saturday, July 9, 6pm PT

Sunday, July 10, 10am PT

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HOSTED BY: Scott Catamas and Tanjila Islam

Scott Catamas, Host
Tanjila, Host
Raquel Spring, Guest


Scott Catamas, Host
Tanjila, Host
Kimberly Meredith, Guest
Christa Collins, Guest
Laura Quirk, Guest
Tom Christ, Guest & Musical Artist
Tarek Bibi, Guest & Musical Artist
Celestine Star, in memoriam via Video Clips


Scott Catamas, Host
Tanjila, Host
Tezikah Gabriel, Guest
Renee & Anthony, Guests

During these powerful times in human history, The Global Peace Tribe is coming together.  We are like the imaginal cells that find each other during the caterpillar’s death and become a butterfly!

On this weekend’s AWAKENING WORLD shows, we will be providing powerful opportunities to expand our vision and understanding of how to navigate our way through life. I am excited to be co-hosting all three shows with Tanjila, a dynamic force of nature who is a world class community builder!  She is the founder of SoulSearch which is an important partner to the Global Peace Tribe and a powerful way for us to find each other!

On Friday Night, Visionary Astrologer Raquel Spring will describe what’s happening in the stars and how it impacts us.  She is one of the wisest and most eloquent Luminaries to appear on Global Peace Tribe shows.  

On Saturday Night, we will meet several of the core members of Soul Search, with each one offering tips & tools for enjoying life to the fullest.  Christa Collins and Laura Quirke are both dynamic presenters with fascinating backgrounds.  We are also bringing back one of our most popular presenters, Kimberly Meredith. She  is a bestselling author and a world-renowned medical medium  There will be live musical offerings with Tom Christ and Tarek Bibi, both of whom are making their Global Peace Tribe Debut.  We will also honor the memory of Celestine Star, who suddenly passed away this week.

On the Sacred Sunday show, we will explore who Jesus (aka: Yeshua) and Mary Magdalene truly may have been and are in present time.  We are honored to have Tezikiah Gabriel joining us.  She is the founder of Pathways to Peace.  We are also excited to be bringing back Renee and Anthony, who collectively channel the spirits of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene.

During each of these three shows, we will have direct interaction with our audience as they are Zoom meetings.  This means that everyone has the option to turn on their camera if they wish.  We will answer questions, and share audience thoughts & comments.

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Here are our upcoming themes:

On July 17th, we have four extraordinary healers coming onto The Awakening World, to provide personal sessions for our audience members AND Group Healing Experiences.

On July 20th, co-host Ben Bowler is bringing his core team onto the show to prepare us for the incredible events planned to create Peace in our world.

Throughout the Summer, we will bring you to many of the Festivals and live events taking place globally. We will also continue with film screenings in collaboration with The Sunrise Center. Upcoming shows that are planned include shows on Nutrition & Health, Finding Your Community and more Soul Search collaborations.


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