The Awakening World
for The Global Peace Tribe

Honoring Unsung Heroes who are
Creating the New Paradigm

Saturday, September 10, 6pm PT

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HOSTED BY: Scott Catamas

Scott Catamas, Host
Paul J Mills, Ph.d., Guest
John Martin, Guest
Chief Phil Lane Jr., Guest

Honoring the Goddess Sophia with
Daniel Morse, Guest
Diana Kelly, Guest

Jameeshka, Musical Artist
Omashar, House Musician

   This weekend we are honoring Unsung Heroes within our Great Global Peace Tribe!  We are providing our viewers three more original shows, spotlighting several powerful visionary leaders. Please do join us at what will be a very inspiring weekend!

    We start on Friday Night by honoring Shariff Abdullah and Reverend Brig Feltus. He is a best-selling author with a new book on “Practicing Wisdom”. As founder of the Commonway Institute, Shariff is changing the mindset of individuals, communities and even corporations!  Rev Brig Feltus has transformed the thinking of those who take her courses on understanding the racial divide. Our Beloved Trish Wright’s life and views have completely changed as a result of Brig’s courses.

    On Saturday Night, we will be honoring the remarkable scientist Dr. Paul Mills. He will be introduced to our audience by Kurt Johnson from the Evolutionary Leader’s Network. Chief Phil Lane Jr. is joining us, and he is one of the most Beloved members of our Global Peace Tribe. We will also be honoring John Martin, whose connection with our Galactic Family above is an exquisite example of our future.

   We are then honoring the “Goddess Sophia” as this is the weekend in which “her descent” is honored.  Scholar Daniel Morse (who wrote a book on this subject) will give us the historical understanding. Diana Kelly will channel Sophia for us! Omashar and Jameeshka are the Musical Artists performing live on Saturday Night’s show.

     We conclude with a very unique Sacred Sunday Show as we connect with Sri and Kira Ra in Ecuador! Sri and Kira share about Consciousness as Healing and the moment for Humanity’s UpLevel. Sri & Kira share perspectives on the energy forecast of September including Ascended Numerology and unique perspective on harnessing the momentum of the full manifestation moon uplevel, and incoming September Equinox. Consciousness is Evolving and the Pyramid of Peace is ready to be Consecrated! It is a moment for Celebration. Learn more about Pyramids and how this technology is a path for uplifting planetary consciousness.

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