Trish Wright


Trish is the co-host of the popular weekly online show Straight Talk, where she works closely with Scott Catamas to produce this high quality talk show. She is a vibrant, heart-centered life-lover! Her life has taken her on quite the spiritual journey!  Starting as a timid, innocent Montana girl, she has gone through multiple challenging life experiences and relationships, including abuse, assault, addiction and codependency. Through these many personal incarnations, Trish has transformed into an ambitious and empathetic relationship coach and One Love Foundation educator. She has over 10 years of experience as a trauma-informed Self-Love, Codependency, and Certified Sex Coach. She believes that cultivating healthy connection with self and others will weave aliveness and sensuality in all areas of one’s life.  Trish is Scott’s primary teaching partner, and is dedicated  to social, racial and economic justice.  She also co-hosts a weekly Self-Love show with her partner Dawn Lyon.