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Tom Chi

At One Ventures

Founder & Managing Partner of At One Ventures, funding disruptive, deep technology companies that regenerate planetary health. Former head of GoogleX self-driving cars & Google glasses.

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Edward DeLeon

Founder & CEO of Anatha, a social economic platform with the mission to provide a Universal Basic Income (UBI) for all global citizens.

Julius Mokrauer

Evolve Ventures & Foundation

Managing Director of Evolve Ventures, which funds technology companies that evolve Consciousness and ends personal suffering

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Dan Mapes

Spatial Web Foundation &

Founder of, a Spatial Web AI company that is creating the next-generation internet of 3D AI powered Metaverses that also protect user’s privacy and stop most hacking.

Lucian Tarnowski

United Planet Games

A Davos World Economic Forum “young global leader,” who is curating a global network of “United Planet Games” to envision and create the new world they want to live in.

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