The Awakening World
for The Global Peace Tribe

Presenting this weekend’s theme:

Honoring the Vision and
Legacy of Martin Luther King

Friday, January 14, 7pm PT

Saturday, January 15, 6pm PT

Replays Available for All That Register

Trish Wright, Reverend Brig Feltus, Sharif Abdullah (prerecorded video),
Oshalla Dee Marcus
Antionette Hall, Dr. Brenda Wade, Sharif Abdullah, Dr. Marty K. Casey, Nina Grae
Dr. Marty K. Casey, Nina Grae
Hosts: Scott Catamas
THE AWAKENING WORLD series selects a topic to explore each weekend. As this is the weekend that the world celebrates Martin Luther King, we want to talk to Luminaries about his influence on them personally, and in our world. We also will explore his vision and legacy. What has been accomplished? Where have we fallen short? Most of all, we will discuss ACTIONS that each individual can take to create greater social and racial justice in our world.
Throughout this weekend, we will be collaborating and supporting other MLK events including the MLK Beloved Community Convergence. We are in alignment with the efforts of Jon & Sommer Ramer & The SINE Network, and Ben Bowler of Unity Earth.
THE AWAKENING WORLD weekend will begin on Friday Night, January 14th with two of our favorite guests: Reverend Brig Feltus and Oshalla Dee Marcus. Rev. Brig is the founder of The Remember Institute, and a leading teacher of Racial Understanding. Oshalla has worked with Scott Catamas since they were young adults in a wide variety of ways that support multicultural understanding. She is the co-founder of the Marin City Arts project. This is a Zoom Meeting that will include direct interaction with our audience.
On January 15th, it will be a SATURDAY NIGHT ALIVE style show with inspirational music (Nina Grae), Videos (℅ Pato Banton) and speakers (Dr. Marty K. Casey, Antoinette Hall, Shariff Abdullah and Dr. Brenda Wade). We also have a pre-recorded segment with Michael Beckwith telling the story of when he met MLK as a child. Jon Ramer of the Compassion Games will be providing examples of their Community Support programs!
We conclude on January 16th with our SACRED SUNDAY show, that will feature Dr. Marty K. Casey and Nina Grae. This is also a zoom MEETING format that will be very interactive with our audience. There will be some music, meditation, prayer and special guests.
Our Fundraising recipient throughout the weekend will be for the Antoinette Hall healing fund: 
Fundraiser by Ione Angeles: Support for Antoinette Rootsdawtah’s Healing 
Scott Catamas will be hosting all three shows 
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Here are our upcoming themes:

We are putting a special emphasis on tools for awakening consciousness into many of our upcoming shows. We are also doing several collaborations with The Sunrise Center, providing film screenings as “Hybrid” Live experiences.

On June 19th, we will be replaying the conversation we recently had with Marianne Williamson, and discussing this with YOU: our audience

On June 22nd, we are having our monthly collaboration with Tanjila and SoulSearch TV Luminaries. She has lined up John Gray and Dannion Brinkley!  That’s going to be quite a doubleheader!

On June 26th, Pato & Antoinette are returning to The Awakening WOrld to update us on their UBUNTU film, Antoinette’s healing and their adventures around the world.

On June 29th, it’s time for another Festival: EARTHSTOCK which is bringing together Tribal Elders, Musical Artists & Environmentalists.

On July 3rd, we have a fascinating show about the myths and truths of cults, including esteemed presenters such as Danny Sheehan, Patrick McCollum talking with Katrina Vaillancourt about her new book on the subject

Throughout the Summer, we will be bringing you to many of the festivals and live events taking place globally.  We will also continue with film screenings in collaboration with The Sunrise Center

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