Dec 17 The Awakening World -Join The Planetary Ascension

Sat, December 17, 6:00pm PT Along with all the radical changes that are happening now, have you deeply sensed that a massive transformational shift is occurring within yourself and throughout the planet? This shift is known as Ascension, and what's occurring right now is a "Planetary Ascension". This is the accelerated spiritual process taking place within all planetary lifeforms during this cosmic evolutionary cycle. It is a step-by-step process initiated through a spiritual awakening, and inspires deep personal core healing. There is the potential of up-leveling you into higher dimensional existence and Quantum Consciousness Reality, where outcome is living and manifesting from a state of Oneness. It is what many deep spiritual traditions have predicted during these times as we move towards the "Golden Age". As we approach the Holy Days of December, THE AWAKENING WORLD is dedicating this weekend to how we all can create Peace and Planetary Ascension. We are bringing some of our most Beloved Luminary presenters together for three more original live broadcasts!

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