Feb 4-6 The Awakening World – Relationship Depth Summit: Introducing RelationFlix

Fri, Feb 4 - Sun, Feb 6 Life IS Relationship! From the moment we wake up until we go back to sleep, we are going from one relationship to another. This includes our relationship to self, to others, to the animals in our life, to nature and to Life Itself. We are dedicating the next TWO weekends of THE AWAKENING WORLD to improving our relationships, in advance of Valentine’s Day. This weekend of February 4-6, The Global Peace Tribe is welcoming a wonderful new entity that has formed. We want to introduce our people to RelationFlix which is a trailblazing new video platform designed to improve the depth, quality, and potential of your relationships. The platform will feature content from a large group of world class experts on dating, romance, communication skills, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, psychology, attachment theory, trauma healing, and personal development. RelationFlix is launching their DEPTH SUMMIT this same weekend of Feb 4-6, and THE AWAKENING WORLD shows are a mutual collaboration. You will meet several leading relationship teachers, including several members of Scott Catamas’ Love Coach Academy (who are also part of RelationFlix). RelationFlix is dedicated to Supporting you in fully realizing the full potential of what love can be in your life, no matter your past. The Love Coach Academy teachers provides] specific tips, tools and practices to create greater harmony and LOVE in all relationships. Starting with the most important relationship: SELF. You will meet the founders of RelationFlix Steven Seva Roland and Dolphin Kasper. We are excited to be providing LongTime Master Relationship Coaches such as Scott Catamas, Paul Sterling and Michael Dyer. We are also excited to present a “next generation” of coaches that include Shezza Sheryl, Jessica Osterday, Erikaa Briones, Mike Thomas, Farah Nazarali, Alice Hong and Zamir Dhanji.

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