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Swami Beyondananda and Larisa Stow Launch a WEvolution

An Evening of Cosmic Comedy and Mantra-Infused Rock To Lift Us Off the Battlefield and Onto a New Playing Field

“There are no sides, only angles.  And when we see things from the right angle we are all on the same side.”

— Swami Beyondananda

We had another wonderful special event with Larisa Stow and Swami Beyondananda on Tuesday, September 14th. Soon, this and other offerings will be available in our all new Global Peace Tribe Portal!

At a time when people seem more politically and culturally divided than ever, there is a deep impulse emerging to connect – to get off the old battlefield of “me vs. you” on to the new playing field of “me AND you.”  Musician Larisa Stow calls it a “WEvolution” and cosmic comic Swami Beyondananda calls it the “Great Upwising.”

Together they call it a “worldwide conspiracy of love.”  

Yes, conspiracy.  Not a secret one, but one that invites all to participate, hearkening back to the original meaning of the word – to breathe together.

So what if – at a time when fear has far too many of us holding our breath – we adopted a daily ritual of “breathing together”, where we breathe in love and breathe out blessings to the world?  As Swami says, “When all of us breathe together, we will all breathe a lot easier.”

No matter who we are or what we believe, the one thing we have in common is the breath of life.  Breathing is, after all, the key to long life.  When we breathe in, we inspire and when we don’t, we expire.  The good news is, laughter causes breathing — and music causes rhythmic breathing!

That’s why the Swami and Larisa have combined forces (and farces – she is funny too) to create an evening of inspiration and celebration to help us rise from the battlefield of separation, and come together on a new playing field of coherent love.

Larisa Stow was born to wake, shake, and create a vibration-raising revolution.  As lead singer/songwriter of the band Larisa Stow & Shakti Tribe, a sacred world mantra rock group, she has performed and taught at festivals and consciousness-raising events around the world including Bhakti Fest, Lightning in a Bottle and Bali Spirit Music Fest.  She is a modern-day mystic, student of heart-centered living, a sacred sounds fairy and Transformational Life Coach, dedicated to helping others live a heart and soul centered life. 

Swami Beyondananda (author and comedian Steve Bhaerman) has spent the past 35 years writing and performing comedy disguised as wisdom – or is it wisdom disguised as comedy?  Author Marianne Williamson has called him the Mark Twain of our times, and Swami’s “twain” seems to have one loco motive – to provide the “laugh twack” needed to heal the heart and free the mind.  On the more serious side, Steve is co-author with cellular biologist Bruce Lipton of Spontaneous Evolution:  Our Positive Future and a Way To Get There From Here.

As Ben Franklin didn’t quite say, if we don’t laugh together we will surely cry separately.   So please join us for this celebration of love, life, and laughter.   And please tell your friends, because when it comes to laughter, the more the merrier.