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Presenting this weekend’s theme:

Super Spring Equinox Celebration

Friday, March 18, 6pm PT

Saturday, March 19, 6pm PT

Sunday, March 20, 10am PT

Replays Available for All That Register

HOSTED BY: Scott Catamas

Trish Wright, Rev Deb Moldow, Irina Morrison, Kurt Johnson, Tatiana, Ben Bowler


The TWIN RAY (Pre-Recorded), Gwenevere Bridge as FREYA, Shawnrey Notto, Sarita, JAMeeSHKA, Honey of the Heart, Eden Amadora


Chief Phillip Scott, Larisa Stow, Shakti Love Warriors

Throughout human history, people have welcomed the new life of Spring as we come out of Winter.  As we Celebrate the Spring Equinox, we are also seeing the end of a two year pandemic.  Let us come together in Community to embrace a new chapter in life!

This is an especially powerful time, astrologically and culturally.  The Global Peace Tribe is coming together to provide maximum support for each of us to THRIVE in this new Season of Life.

On Friday Night, we are bringing together many luminaries from the Evolutionary Leaders circle to introduce a brand new program!  I am honored to be part of this group and to share their insights and projects with our Global Peace Tribe.  Beloved leaders Rev. Deborah Moldow, Ben Bowler, Jon & Sommer Ramer and Irina Morrison will joining Scott and Trish for a festive night. We are also adding live music on Friday with wonderful new friend named Tatiana Speed.

On Saturday Night, we are honored to have The Beloved TwinRay providing us with an in-depth understanding of this new season.  We are delighted that Gwenevere Bridge will join us (bringing the Goddess Freya with her)!  We welcome a dynamic next generation leader in Shawnrey Notto on Saturday Night..  We are delighted to make it a celebratory experience with THREE of our favorite Musical Artists joining for 2 songs each!  That will be “Honey of the Heart”, “Sarita” and a powerful duo making their debut on our platform called “JAMeeSHKA”.  Each of these artists brings a Spring Time joy into their music.  Eden Amadora will also be joining us to lead the evening prayer / meditation.

On the Sacred Sunday Show, beloved co-host Larisa Stow returns with an exciting and important message as we focus on Prosperity in many forms.  We are also welcoming back Chief Phillip Scott to provide his wisdom on connection to Nature, including an online ceremony.  We will be coordinating and collaborating with Shakti Love Warriors for their 11;11 Meditation led by Larisa.

To conclude this powerful weekend, Eden Amadora and Scott Catamas are offering a special Interactive online experience for a select number of Global Peace Tribe Friends.  Start the Spring Season with an Open Heart & Mind, ready to receive ABUNDANCE OF LOVE in a myriad of Ways.  Scott & Eden will help you to heal the past, harmonize your present and embrace a beautiful future!

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Global Peace Tribe:
Friday Night Edition
Mar 18, 7:30pm PT
Introducing the Unity and Peace Synergy Circle
with Scott Catamas, Ben Bowler, Jon & Sommer Ramer, Tatiana Speed, Reverend Deborah Moldow, Irina Morrison and Trish Wright
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Sacred Sunday
Mar 20, 10am PT

Growing the WeVolution with New Life & Support
with Scott Catamas, Chief Phillip Scott and Larisa Stow

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On April 18th, we have another special extra event: A 3-hour presentation and Q & A with the TwinRay. We will be live streaming their in-person event in Sebastopol.

On April 20th, we will be coming to you LIVE from the New Living Expo!

On April 22nd, a dynamic conversation with Danny Sheehan & Others about the impending Government Disclosure about U.F.O. / U.A.P. Activity also from the Sunrise Center.

On April 24th, we are celebrating that EVERY DAY IS EARTH DAY.

On April 27th, the theme is “HOW TO CREATE AN AWAKENING WORLD” with some very special guests including a wonderful new Musical Artist Reya Mana.

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