The Awakening World
for The Global Peace Tribe

Live from the Luxor in Las Vegas:
Stairway to the Stars

Saturday, November 11, 6pm PT

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HOSTED BY: Scott Catamas
Alan Steinfeld, Co-Host
Omashar, House Musical Artist
The TwinRay & Community, Guests
PLUS: Many Unique Guests All Night!
On Saturday Night, November 11th at 6 PM PST, host Scott Catamas will be coming live from the Luxor in Las Vegas where he is attending the “Stairway to the Stars” conference. He will be bringing you live interviews with many of the experts on our Galactic Family that are attending. Omashar will provide music throughout the evening as well.
There are hundreds of amazing people attending this event. Scott will be joined by co-host Alan Steinfeld, the host of New Realities TV. We will also hear from Vox Angelus, The TwinRay Community and many others in attendance!
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The Awakening World
October – December 2023
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Saturday, October 28: Gwenevere Bridge co-hosts: All Hallow’s Eve / Sacred Samhain Special

November 1: Your Favorite Moments from Past Shows!

November 4: 3 Steps to ASCENSION: Transmute, Awaken, Ascend – guests include Anistara, Debra G, SHine Kelly, Theo Grace

November 8: A very special collaboration with Eden Amadora

November 11: LIVE from Las Vegas and STAIRWAY TO THE STARS Conference w/Alan Steinfeld and Multiple Celebrity Guests

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