You are currently viewing Mar 11-13 The Awakening World – Discovering Soul Play as a New Path Forward

Mar 11-13 The Awakening World – Discovering Soul Play as a New Path Forward

The Awakening World
for The Global Peace Tribe

Presenting this weekend’s theme:

Discovering Soul Play as a New Path Forward

Friday, March 11, 6pm PT

Saturday, March 12, 6pm PT

Sunday, March 13, 10am PT

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HOSTED BY: Scott Catamas, Holly Burlet & Romi Elan

Trish Wright (co-host), Holly Burlet (co-host), Romi Elan (co-host), Dr. Allison Ash, Matt Sturm


Holly Burlet (co-host), Romi Elan (co-host), Evalena Rose, Nicole ‘Kali Ma’ Ward, Mystical Joyride, Bloomurian


Holly Burlet (co-host), Romi Elan (co-host), Dereca Blackmon, Odessa Perez

As we look to the near future, spring is coming and the Pandemic is coming to a close!  It’s time for us to start exploring how we can gather together IN PERSON, to share music and teach and connect.  Since it’s inception, the “Soul Play” Festival has been a most Beloved way for our Great Global Tribe to gather together.

SoulPlay is a 4-day transformational journey into self and community. This is an experimental environment where one can try out different ways of being and decide which they’d like to adopt and which to discard.

The days are filled with classes and workshops on a variety of topics including dance, communication, touch, inner world, yoga, relational intimacy and more in the midst of expansive nature. The evenings are a celebration of live music, cuddling, ceremony and lots of dancing!

At Soul Play, you will meet like minded souls you’ll soon call family and find inspiration for your new path forward.

It’s interesting to note that SoulPlay takes place the second weekend of June, which was the same weekend as the Harmony Festival for over 30 years.  Shortly after Harmony ended, SoulPlay began!  Scott Catamas was a teacher at the very first SoulPlay and has collaborated with the Festival ever since.

Scott’s online shows began when the Pandemic forced our community into ZOOM reality for connection!  It’s full circle as we are now moving back into physical connection, and SOULPLAY will be a wonderful opportunity for us to meet in person!

Scott will be co-hosting all of this weekend’s shows along with Two of Soul Play’s leaders:   Romi Elan (Founder / CEO)  and Holly Burlet (Program Director)

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