The Awakening World
for The Global Peace Tribe

Presenting this weekend’s theme:

Social and Racial Justice:
Truth, Consequences and Restoration

Friday, March 4, 6pm PT

Saturday, March 5, 6pm PT

Sunday, March 6, 10am PT

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HOSTED BY: Scott Catamas and Shariff Abdullah

Reverend Brig Feltus, Shariff Abdullah, Trish Wright


Antoinette Hall, Dr. Brenda Wade, Josiane Apollon, Mischa Byruck, Shariff Abdullah, Rev. Ivy Hilton, Nina Grae, Pato Banton

Fanny “Starchild” and Vegari: The After show


Dr. Marty Casey, Oshalla Dee, Shariff Abdullah

I trust that anyone reading this, who watches THE AWAKENING WORLD wants there to be Social and Racial Justice in the world.

However, WHAT DOES THAT REALLY MEAN?  We are dedicating this weekend to listening to leaders in the field share their knowledge, experience and wisdom

We have a very esteemed group of presenters, who have the ability to speak candidly about the oppressive history of colonization while having compassion for all parties.  Our “Awakening World” is coming to understand that Prejudice, Racism, Sexism and Colonization is ultimately destructive to all members of the Human Race!

Our talks will be centered on racial and social justice in America. This topic has been largely and unnecessarily cast in divisive, “either/or” language. How do we see “justice” issues… when we realize that everyone is co-responsible for creating the challenges, and co-powerful in creating the conditions of change?

Vaclav Havel said, “The line between the victim and the victimizer runs through each of our hearts”. No one is wholly wrong… nor wholly right. The only way forward is TOGETHER.

Please invite others to watch and participate in this very important weekend.  We all have a lot to learn from each other, and our Luminaries for these shows are all people that I have tremendous respect for.

The Friday Night and Sunday morning editions are Zoom “Meeting” formats, so there will be ample opportunity for Q & A and direct interaction with our presenters.  We will also have a Q & A as part of the Aftershow on Saturday Night.

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On July 17th, we have four extraordinary healers coming onto The Awakening World, to provide personal sessions for our audience members AND Group Healing Experiences.

On July 20th, co-host Ben Bowler is bringing his core team onto the show to prepare us for the incredible events planned to create Peace in our world.

Throughout the Summer, we will bring you to many of the Festivals and live events taking place globally. We will also continue with film screenings in collaboration with The Sunrise Center. Upcoming shows that are planned include shows on Nutrition & Health, Finding Your Community and more Soul Search collaborations.


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