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PEACE WEEK: 99th Day Closing Gala

Saturday, September 24, 4pm PT

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HOSTED BY: Scott Catamas

Scott Catamas, co-host
Ben Bowler, co-host
Teresa Collins, co-host
Reverend Michael Beckwith, Guest
Jonathan Granoff, Guest
Dot Maver, Guest
Jon Ramer, Guest
Tez Gabriel, Guest
Sri & Kira, Guests
Shelley Ostroff, Guest
Anasuya Hallelujah, Guest
Dharana Maria, Guest
Danielea Castell, Guest
Kristin Hoffmann, Guest & Music
Pooki Lee, Guest & Music

As the 99 Days of Global Unity comes to a peak, we are continuing the celebration of PeaceWeek! We are bringing three new original shows to you via THE AWAKENING WORLD.  We are putting all of our attention into Peace because, after all, we are the Global PEACE Tribe!
On Friday Night, September 23rd you will be deeply inspired by our two guests. Temple Hayes is a difference maker, Global spiritual leader, shamanic energy healer, radio host and author. She has been an energy medicine healer for many years. She is a sought after keynote speaker and has spoken to hundreds of thousands globally.  Also joining us live will be Luc Reynaud, a singer-songwriter, producer and humanitarian. Through The Goodness Tour Luc and his band and a small team of artists travel to Refugee Camps, Disaster Zones, Recovery Centers and more to instigate creativity as a beacon of empowerment and healing
On Saturday, September 24th, we are collaborating with several organizations to create a GALA celebration to complete Peace Week and the 99 Days of Global Unity! 
Please note that the starting time for Sept. 24th will be 4 PM Pacific Time (2 hours earlier than usual). 
Scott will be co-hosting with Ben Bowler & Teresa Collins, and our guests will include Rev. Michael Beckwith, Jonathan Granoff, Sri & Kira (from Ecuador) and a dozen other Beloved Luminaries. Kristin Hoffmann will be with us to sing new original songs!  It will be a powerful event with a different zoom room than usual: 
Saturday’s Zoom ID: 606000111. That zoom link is 
On Sunday, September 25th, we are completing this powerful time by having a conversation with Yeshua (aka: Jesus) and Mary Magdalene, as channeled by Anthony & Renee. Co-hosts Scott Catamas & Tanjila will be taking questions from our live zoom audience to ask our most esteemed guests!  On a previous episode of THE AWAKENING WORLD, there was such a positive response to Anthony & Renee, that we have invited them back for an entire 90-minute show.
Our Beloved Omashar will be providing music on Friday Night & Sunday morning.
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Here are our upcoming themes:

We are putting a special emphasis on tools for awakening consciousness into many of our upcoming shows. We are also doing several collaborations with The Sunrise Center, providing film screenings as “Hybrid” Live experiences.

On June 19th, we will be replaying the conversation we recently had with Marianne Williamson, and discussing this with YOU: our audience

On June 22nd, we are having our monthly collaboration with Tanjila and SoulSearch TV Luminaries. She has lined up John Gray and Dannion Brinkley!  That’s going to be quite a doubleheader!

On June 26th, Pato & Antoinette are returning to The Awakening WOrld to update us on their UBUNTU film, Antoinette’s healing and their adventures around the world.

On June 29th, it’s time for another Festival: EARTHSTOCK which is bringing together Tribal Elders, Musical Artists & Environmentalists.

On July 3rd, we have a fascinating show about the myths and truths of cults, including esteemed presenters such as Danny Sheehan, Patrick McCollum talking with Katrina Vaillancourt about her new book on the subject

Throughout the Summer, we will be bringing you to many of the festivals and live events taking place globally.  We will also continue with film screenings in collaboration with The Sunrise Center

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