Wednesday Night Edition

Celebrating Sensuality and Sexuality

Wednesday, March 8 at 6:00pm PT

with Scott Catamas, Trish Wright, Omashar, Annie Sprinkle, Erikaa Briones

We start on Wednesday Night, March 8th at 6 pm PST with a tender topic: “Celebrating Sensuality & Sexuality”.  It’s so important to always do all things Romantic with Love!   This will be a dynamic conversation between two Baby Boomers and Two Millennials, all of whom are dedicated to a “SEX POSITIVE” world. 
We are honored to have Annie Sprinkle joining us!  She is a certified sexologistperformance artist, former sex worker, and advocate for sex work and health care.  Annie is a Beloved Icon in the Sex Positive World.  She also was in the same Jr. High School class with Scott Catamas! 
Representing the next generation is our weekly co-host Trish Wright and Erikaa Briones, both of whom have established themselves as leaders in honoring all beings’ right to their sensuality & sexuality!