Wednesday Night Edition

Book Launch for ReQovery
with Katrina Vaillancourt

Wednesday, July 3 at 6:00pm PT

with Scott Catamas, Omashar, Katrina Vaillancourt,
Stephen Ghiglieri

We started on Wednesday Night, July 3rd with a powerful program featuring Katrina Vaillancourt and her brand new book: ReQovery. This was her Global Book Launch, and it was a dynamic show.

ReQovery: How I Tumbled Down the QAnon Rabbit Hole and Climbed Out offers a poignant and timely exploration of Katrina Vaillancourt’s descent into, experience of, and recovery from, the QAnon movement. Drawing on first-hand experience, this narrative nonfiction memoir sheds light on the divisive impact of QAnon in conjunction with other forms of disinformation, propaganda and vitriol, revealing the deep scars it has left on relationships and communities. But more importantly, it provides a compelling testament to the power of empathy, understanding, and nonviolent communication in bridging seemingly insurmountable divides. This book is not just a journey through the shadows of conspiracy; it is a beacon of hope, demonstrating that healing is not only possible but what our nation needs at this time.

Omashar provided 3 songs on Wednesday Night and will provide 3 more for our Saturday Night Show.