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Presenting this weekend’s theme:

Transforming and Healing our
Relationship to Death

Friday, March 25, 6pm PT

Saturday, March 26, 6pm PT

Sunday, March 27, 10am PT

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HOSTED BY: Scott Catamas

Trish Wright (co-host), Lisa Garr, Michael Tamura (pre-record), Dannion Brinkley (tentative)


Kristin Hoffmann (co-host, Music), Frederico Gouveia, Dannion Brinkley, Dr. Abhijit Dam, Celestine Star, Gary Malkin


Suzanne Kelly, Jasmeen Hana, Charon Collier

What is your relationship to Death? It is certainly one of the most complex topics, and it seems that most of us are needing to confront Death more than ever.  We are all getting older, and most of us have lost friends and family members recently. 

THE AWAKENING WORLD is dedicating the weekend of March 25-27 to explore many facets of the death and dying process.  We are grateful to have a wide variety of presenters, coming to us from several states as well as Egypt and India.  We will learn about Death Doulas, Green Burials, and Near-Death Experiences.

On Friday Night, co-hosts Scott Catamas & Trish Wright welcome Lisa Garr from The Aware Show.  As a result of healing a tragic brain trauma, Lisa found her own voice and became a voice of change for the world. Also joining will be Michael Tamura, an Internationally known best selling author & speaker on “Understanding our Multi-Dimensional Self.”

Our Beloved Kristin Hoffmann will be co-hosting the Saturday Night Show with Scott!  She has invited her friend Frederico Gouveia to join us, and he is an extraordinarily talented composer & musical force whose near-death experience changed his life.  Dannion Brinkley, best-selling author and teacher, will also be with us!  Celestine Star will provide understanding of a conscious death and dying process.  We are honored to have Dr. Abhijit Dam coming to us from India;  he is also an author and leader of providing spiritual support for the elderly. Finally, Grammy Award-winning Musical Maestro, Gary Malkin, will be speaking and playing  his album, GRACEFUL PASSAGES, the #1 best-selling record dedicated to the dying process. 

We conclude this important weekend as host Scott Catamas welcomes 3 fascinating guests on the Sacred Sunday Show.  Charon Collier is a Beloved Death Doula, Suzanne Kelly is the leading proponent for Green Burials and Jasmeen Hana is coming to us from Egypt with wisdom of ancient burial rites.  This is a Zoom Meeting format so people can easily interact and ask questions.

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