The Awakening World
for The Global Peace Tribe

Presenting this weekend’s theme:

How True Love Creates Heaven on Earth

Friday, February 11, 7:30pm PT

Saturday, February 12, 6pm PT

Sunday, February 13, 10am PT

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Larisa Stow (co-host), Viraja Prema, Emily Orum, Christina Fior


Larisa Stow (co-host), The Goddess Circle, Josiane Bonte Apollon PhD, Emily Orum, Eden Amadora, Chad Wilkins (Music), Deva Premal & Miten (pre-recorded)


Larisa Stow (co-host), Shawnrey Notto, Dawn Light

Hosts: Scott Catamas

Is “Heaven on Earth” possible?  Many of our most Beloved teachers and Philosophers tell us so.  Some even claim that it is already here, underneath the illusion of separation.  During this “Valentine’s Weekend”, THE AWAKENING WORLD will explore this poignant topic.

Host Scott Catamas is bringing together many of his personal favorite teachers of Love.  On Friday Night, we will open this conversation with four women that have dedicated their lives to the study of Love and Relationships.  This includes Christina Fior who wrote a best selling book on Self Love. 

On Saturday Night, we will provide a powerful mix of music and presentations, similar to Saturday Night Alive.  We are working with a unique Goddess Collective that are gathering in person over the weekend and will provide their spontaneous insights.  Live music with Larisa Stow (in California), Chad Wilkins (coming from Australia) and a Video recording specifically for the Global Peace Tribe from Deva Premal and Miten.

On Sunday morning, we will wrap up with a dynamic conversation with more experts in the field. Our guests include Dawn Light whose Self-Love show has run successfully for almost 2 years and Shawnrey Notto, the author of the book Sensual Intelligence.

Friday Night and Sunday Morning are Zoom Meetings will allow participants to have the option to turn on their camera and directly participate.  Saturday Night will have a special aftershow for Q & A, and surprise guests.

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October 4: Master Teacher Satyen Raja of Warrior Sage on the new vision for Human Resources

October 7: Kara Stonehouse & 5 Powerful women from around the world sharing how to: “Amplify each other’s light”

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