You are currently viewing Apr 1-3 The Awakening World – RelationFlix Essentials for Mastering our Connections

Apr 1-3 The Awakening World – RelationFlix Essentials for Mastering our Connections

The Awakening World
for The Global Peace Tribe

Presenting this weekend’s theme:

RelationFlix Essentials for
Mastering our Connections

Friday, April 1, 6pm PT

Saturday, April 2, 6pm PT

Sunday, April 3, 10am PT

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HOSTED BY: Scott Catamas, Steven Roland and Dolphin Kasper

Scott Catamas, Steve Roland (Co-Host), Dolphin Kasper, Shai Fishman & Trish Wright (Co-Host)


Erikaa Briones, Jessica Osterday, Paul Sterling, Amikaeyla Gaston, Mystical JoyRide, Tatiana Speed


Scott Catamas, Arielle Brown, Shawnrey Notto
& Steven Roland (Co-Host)

Life is Relationship! If you want to change your world, change your Relationships! This way of thinking is what inspired Scott Catamas to dedicate his life to understanding & mastering relationships. Scott has traveled the world meeting with and often working with great relationship teachers (i.e., Tony Robbins, Marshall Rosenberg, Robert Gonzales & many others).
When Scott’s wife passed away, he formed The Love Coach Academy to train other relationship coaches with the best tools he had learned. 
Relationflix is a platform dedicated to bringing innovative transformational video content and live events to the world; all in support of people improving the depth, quality, and potential of their romantic relationships. Scott has a long-time friendship and professional collaboration with Steve Roland, the co-founder of RelationFlix.
On this first weekend of April, The Love Coach Academy and RelationFlix are coming together to provide Masterful tools for having the best relationships possible. Meet some of our favorite teachers and coaches as they share their wisdom!
Throughout all three shows of THE AWAKENING WORLD, there will be opportunities for audience members to ask questions of the teachers.
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October 4: Master Teacher Satyen Raja of Warrior Sage on the new vision for Human Resources

October 7: Kara Stonehouse & 5 Powerful women from around the world sharing how to: “Amplify each other’s light”

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