Wednesday Night Edition

Quantum Manifestation:
Attracting all the Love You Want

Wednesday, February 8 at 6:00pm PT

with Scott Catamas, Trish Wright, Tanjila, Omashar, Brandon Strabala, Iara Line, Charley Lamson, Raella Ayizan, Sahat Votan

However, before the weekend begins, we have an extraordinary show planned for Wednesday Night, February 1st.  Join Scott and two of our favorite co-hosts Tanjila and Trish for a powerful journey into QUANTUM MANIFESTATION:  ATTRACTING ALL THE LOVE YOU WANT!  
As we approach Valentine’s day we recognize that WE ARE LOVE.  We can celebrate Love with much more than a Hallmark card, candy or little heart emojis.  WE ARE LOVE and we are in a time of Quantum Manifestation.  We will be hearing from some of Tanjila’s favorite Luminaries from who will share their best tips, tools and practices for Quantum Manifestation. Our guests include Brandon Strabala, Iara Line, Charley Lamson and “your favorite spiritual couple” Sahat Votan & Raella Ayizan!