The Awakening World
for The Global Peace Tribe

Purpose, Integration & Magic with
Very Special Guests

Saturday, October 1, 6pm PT


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HOSTED BY: Scott Catamas

Scott Catamas, Host
River & Diamond, Special Guests
Rhiannon Catalyst, Guest
Shariff Abdullah, Guest
Shaun Jay, Guest Speaker & Magician
Tatiana Speed, Musical Artist
Omashar, Musical Artist

The Awakening World is launching a new season this Weekend (officially on Saturday Night, October 1st)! 
We are excited to welcome back our “regular” friends who come each week.  Thank you for your loyalty!  We also look forward to the return of “older” friends and the arrival of “New” friends.
The Friday Night (September 30th) show will be the last episode of our recent season and is open to the public!  (Please use & share the link below) We will be answering a question that men have been asking forever: “What do Women really want?”.  Of course, we will be interested in what our viewers have to say.  Co-Hosts Scott Catamas & Steven Roland have been interviewing women that are also relationship coaches & mentors, and you will see 6 of them on the Friday Night show.
On Saturday Night, October 1st, we start the new season with a little bit of everything that we enjoy in our Global Peace Tribe Shows.  You will receive Wisdom & Inspiration from Seasoned & Popular Luminaries River & Diamond (creators of “LIVING FREEDOM”) & Shariff Abdullah.  You will also meet Next Generation leaders such as Rhiannon and Shaun.  Speaking of Shaun, he will be sharing more about his life as well as providing new magic for us all.  Our Musical Artists on Saturday Night include Tatiana Speed and Omashar, both of who are favorites of the Global Peace Tribe.
On Sunday, October 2nd, we are providing powerful luminaries that have wisdom for healing of Spirit, Body and Mind.  Scott will be co-hosting with longtime friend and colleague Bhimi Cayce, and we have several wisdom keepers joining us.  This includes Anette Carlstrom from Sweden who is a Beloved leader of the Oneness Movement.  You will also meet the remarkable Bart Smythe (also famous in his world of miracle healing), Pamela La Luz and Beth Greer.  Omashar will be with us for Musical Offerings!
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The Awakening World
July 2024 – September 2024
Wednesdays, 6:00pm PT
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Here are our upcoming themes:

On July 17th, we have four extraordinary healers coming onto The Awakening World, to provide personal sessions for our audience members AND Group Healing Experiences.

On July 20th, co-host Ben Bowler is bringing his core team onto the show to prepare us for the incredible events planned to create Peace in our world.

Throughout the Summer, we will bring you to many of the Festivals and live events taking place globally. We will also continue with film screenings in collaboration with The Sunrise Center. Upcoming shows that are planned include shows on Nutrition & Health, Finding Your Community and more Soul Search collaborations.


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