The Awakening World
for The Global Peace Tribe

Multi-Dimensional Is Going Mainstream as We
Embrace Psychic & Intuitive Powers

Saturday, October 8, 6pm PT


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HOSTED BY: Scott Catamas

Scott Catamas, Host
Alan Steinfeld, Co-Host
Crista Mo’orea Collins, Co-Host
Karen Frances McCarthy, Guest
Julie Greene, Guest
Marla Lombard, Guest
Gwenevere Bridge, Guest
Henrietta Weeks, Guest
John Martin, Guest & Musical Artist
Johanna Beekman, Guest & Musical Artist
Omashar, Musical Artist

The Awakening World is going full steam ahead into our new season of offerings! This Weekend, we are excited to be bringing you Wisdom Keepers that have been leading the way for decades AND some of the Next Generation Luminaries. It’s going to be a very special weekend indeed.
We are starting on Friday Night (October 7) with a deep dive into the power of “Compassionate Love”. Co-Hosts Scott Catamas & Dr. Josiane Bonte Apollon are both Internationally acclaimed teachers and Master Relationship Coaches. They have formed a professional bond build on the foundation of “Compassion” as the bedrock for healthy relationships. Dr. Josiane has arranged for us to have a rare live appearance from Mantak Chia, one of the great Grand Masters of Qi Gong and Tantric Sexuality. This will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to have Q & A with these three Masters.
On Saturday Night October 8th, co-host Alan Steinfeld has worked his magic to bring together some of the leading psychics and intuitives of our time. We will learn how these qualities are now going mainstream, including the understanding of our true multi-dimensional nature! You will meet Julie Green, Henriette Weeks, Marla Lombard and Karen Francis McCarthy (all first timers on Global Peace Tribe Shows). Making a return to our show is Gwenevere Bridge, one of our most Beloved Presenters. As always on Saturdays, there will be live music. This weekend, we are featuring fan favorites Johanna Beekman, John Martin and Omashar. Scott Catamas and Crista Mo’orea Collins will be co-hosting this show along with Alan.
On the Sacred Sunday Show (October 9), we will be presenting some of the wonderful people that are participating in the Sedona Global Peace Tribe Retreat. This is going to include Jerry Anderson, the “wild monk of the mystic monastery”! (Everyone loves Jerry). You will also meet “WOWZA” who is in her mid 80’s but looks and lives as a woman half that age. We are excited to have a special presentation from Beloved Scholars Andrew Cameron Bailey and Connie Baxter Marlow. We are also bringing Luana Joya Lucia on the show, who is our “Cosmic Concierge”.  Scott & Crista will be co-hosting this show. There may even be a few special guest appearances added…..
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