You are currently viewing Jun 3-5 The Awakening World – Discover the Power of SoulSearch

Jun 3-5 The Awakening World – Discover the Power of SoulSearch

The Awakening World
for The Global Peace Tribe

Presenting this weekend’s theme:

Discover the Power of SoulSearch

Friday, June 3, 6pm PT

Saturday, June 4, 6pm PT

Sunday, June 5, 10am PT

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HOSTED BY: Scott Catamas

Tanjila (co-host), Peter Sterling, Deva Vidya, Mark Sczymzak


Tanjila (co-host), Carolin Hauser & Tim Nielsen, Lisa McCardle, Nicole Keating, Crista Collins, Ron Interpreter, Melissa Feick

Cornflower, Musical Guest
Jaya Lakshmi, Musical Guest
Neil Gaur, Spoken Word


Nicole Keating (co-host), Raquel Spring, Suzanne Ross, Keleena Malnar, Andrew Daniel Cates

For the weekend of June 3-5, THE AWAKENING WORLD is excited to be collaborating with Tanjila, the founder of SoulSearch.ioSoulSearch is a global on-line community for exploration, expansion & elevation in the New Paradigm, during this time of growing Global Consciousness & Ascension. 


Spiritual seekers can explore teachings & modalities and connect with spiritual & energetic healers & guides, courses, groups, and events. Spiritual practitioners can connect with a global audience and showcase their expertise through a robust profile, articles, video, audio and more.  

Visit to learn more!


Tanjila has invited some of her SoulSearch Platinum speakers, teachers, healers and musicians to be on THE AWAKENING WORLD this weekend.  We are providing specific themes for each of the 3 shows:

Friday: Healing in the New Paradigm 

Saturday: Conscious Co-Creation in the New Paradigm 

Sunday: Ascension in the New Paradigm

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Dec 9TBA

Dec 10 Lynne Twist: Living a Committed Life / PURPOSE, with Jennifer Hill

Dec 11: Healing Religious Trauma, overcoming dogma with Andrew Jasko, Temple Hayes

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