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Saturday, December 17, 6pm PT

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HOSTED BY: Scott Catamas

Debra Giusti, co-Host and Guest
The TwinRay, Guests
William Henry, Guests
Stargate Couple Prageet & Julieanne, Guests
Viviane Chauvet, Guest
Cornflower, Musical Artist
Pamela La Luz Butters, Musical Artist
Omashar, House Musical Artist

Along with all the radical changes that are happening now, have you deeply sensed that a massive transformational shift is occurring within yourself and throughout the planet? This shift is known as Ascension, and what’s occurring right now is a “Planetary Ascension”. This is the accelerated spiritual process taking place within all planetary lifeforms during this cosmic evolutionary cycle. It is a step-by-step process initiated through a spiritual awakening, and inspires deep personal core healing. 

There is the potential of up-leveling you into higher dimensional existence and Quantum Consciousness Reality, where outcome is living and manifesting from a state of Oneness. It is what many deep spiritual traditions have predicted during these times as we move towards the “Golden Age”.

As we approach the Holy Days of December, THE AWAKENING WORLD is dedicating this weekend to how we all can create Peace and Planetary Ascension. We are bringing some of our most Beloved Luminary presenters together for three more original live broadcasts!

On Friday Night, December 16th, we are having a deep conversation with Beloveds Sri and Kira, live from their Retreat Site in Ecuador. Sharing the true abundance of the Yoga of Self-Ascension, they lovingly model our new earth through a life of naked authenticity. Acclaimed Visionaries, Consciousness leaders, best-selling authors and show hosts, they have journeyed through near death experiences, transcended fatal dis-eases, and demonstrated the healing miracles through the power of the Law of Instantaneous Manifestation. The Art of Ascended Living as master-fully taught by Sri & Kira demonstrates that ALL who carry a sincere heart, can thrive to live the life of their dreams.

On Saturday Night, December 17th, Scott Catamas welcomes back Debra Giusti, his co-host from Saturday Night Alive. We have invited some of the top Ascension teachers on the planet who will give insights on how to navigate these extraordinary times! Our live guests include long time Ascension scholar William Henry launching his new book, top Ascension Teachers the TwinRay – Shekinah Ma and Sanandaji, The Stargate with Prageet Harris & Julianne Conrad, and Arcturian highbrid Vivian Chauvet. Debra Giusti will share her Ascension Tips.

Illuminate your inner knowing and get a roadmap to navigate your personal Ascension Path. Gain a vision of what the Divine Human in the 5D New Earth looks like. Discover that you are not alone in this journey, but we are in this together.

There will also be a very powerful group “Ascension Activation Meditation” led by all the presenters and joined by the hundreds of people all over the world that will be participating in the show. We will raise the vibration, consciousness, and love frequency through this direct experience.

On the Sacred Sunday Show (Dec. 18th), we will integrate all of this dynamic information through a show that emphasizes Music, Magick and Miracles. We will meet a new friend to The Global Peace Tribe: Abigail McBride. She was just named Best Female Artist of the Year by the International Pagan Music Awards for the second year in a row. She is the High Priestess of the Family of Fire, a musician, dancer and massage therapist.  Omashar and Fanny Starchild will also be providing live musical offerings along with Abigail. We will conclude this show with a visit from Bart Smythe and Bhimi Cayce as we hear more about the daily miracles taking place with Lifewave!

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