The Awakening World
for The Global Peace Tribe

Our Awakening World:
Embracing the Path Forward

Saturday, February 17, 6pm PT

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HOSTED BY: Scott Catamas

Omashar, co-Host and House Musical Artist
Jon Ramer, co-Host
Sommer Joy Ramer, Guest
Hallelujah Anasuya, Guest
Dr. Tamsin Wooley-Barker, Guest
Dr. Harry Uvegi, Guest
Kurt Krueger, Guest
Maggie Rose LaCosta, K.E.S. Healing Facilitator

On Saturday night, February 17th at 6 pm pst, we will go behind the scenes in the process of harvesting, one of the most remarkable online events of recent memory – Awakening to Humanity’s Sacred Mission. In addition to the real time feedback that took place during the recent symposium we received over 100 survey responses that we see as “reflective feedback.”

Here’s a taste, I’ll reveal more on our Saturday night together. We asked: How has the symposium influenced your perspective on humanity’s sacred mission? The summarized answer was this: “The symposium has strengthened our collective resolve, highlighting our interconnectedness and shared dedication to humanity’s sacred mission, inspiring a unified movement towards creating a more compassionate, sustainable world. It underscored the importance of collaboration and personal commitment, empowering participants with a renewed sense of purpose and the belief that together, we can effect transformative change.

Our Presenters on Saturday night start with co-host Jon Ramer, who is a guiding force behind the One World Network and this ongoing project of “Awakening Humanity”. He is bringing on board his core team members including the brilliant Dr. Tamsin Wooley-Barker and Harry Uvegi. We will also hear from Dr. Kurt Krueger, Sommer Joy Ramer and our beloved Hallelujah Anasuya! There will be music from Omashar & Anasuya also.

We will conclude this event with a K.E.S. Group Healing from Maggie Rose La Costa.

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Here are our upcoming themes:

The Month of February is THE MONTH OF LOVE!

Wednesday Night, February 14th, we are celebrating Valentine’s with some very special guests. One of the Great, wise Couples are joining us: Satyen & Suzanne Raja. We will hear from Katrina Vaillancourt, the creator of the Love Smart Cards. Finally, Star Wolf will lead a powerful LOVE meditation for us all. 

Saturday Night, February 17th, we are collaborating with the ONE WORLD COMMUNIITY CONVERGENCE , Guests to be determined On Wednesday Night, February 21st, it’s all about SELF LOVE with Emily Orum, Dolphin Kasper and other Love Coaches! 

Saturday Night, February 24th, we are coming to you live from the San Rafael Enlightenment Expo with co-host Tanjila and her SoulSearch Psychics & TV stars 

Wednesday Night, February 28th, it’s EGYPT REVISITED part 2 with Debra Giusti, The Stargate Experience and Viviane Chauvet

March 2nd, we are having an exciting collaboration with The TwinRay collaboration in Ashland, Oregon. We are re-opening the renovated “HAVEN” after a 2 month winter closure. We have exciting musical guests lined up and special experiences.


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