Wednesday Night Edition

Celebrating & Understanding
The Indigenous Gathering that took
place in Palenque

Wednesday, April 10 at 6:00pm PT

with Scott Catamas, Omashar, Chief Phil Lane Jr.,
Patrick McCollum

On Wednesday Night, April 10th at 6 pm PDT, The Awakening World will feature two prominent Luminaries: Chief Phil Lane Jr. and Patrick McCollum. Both were at the recent gathering of Indigenous elders in Palenque, Mexico. They will share highlights from that momentous event as well as their vision for Humanity and our “Awakening World”.

The voices of 80 million Indigenous people were represented by elders, community members, and young leaders from Nation-States across the Americas at the 2nd Gathering of the Union of the Condor, Hummingbird, Quetzal, and Eagle, in Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico, March 17-22, 2024.

This was a powerful force for healing and uniting our World Family. This gathering was dedicated to initiating an Indigenous and Ally Global Peace Movement Beginning in the Americas, as promised by the Prophecy of the Reunion of the Condor and Eagle. The Prophecy continued with the Lighting of the Eighth Fire, fulfilled in Mexico in 2023.

The fulfillment of these prophecies serves as a guiding light, paving the way for a harmonious and peaceful world, transcending geopolitical and cultural differences. On Wednesday Night, Chief Phil Lane (the central organizer of this event) & Patrick McCollum will share details of what took place.