"New Global Leaders Inspiring Us to Awaken to Our Full Divinity"

Throughout human history, there have always been Visionaries who lit the way for humankind.  Some were spiritual leaders, others brought new forms of Politics, Science and Artistic Expression to the World.   For most of the great ones, religions formed around their teachings which transformed perception of these great HUMAN BEINGS into Gurus or Gods.  That was the old Piscean Paradigm in which the belief was that there needed to be an intermediary between God & the Human Family.  We were still looking up to the stars or outside of our self for salvation.
We are now entering the Aquarian Age, where the new paradigm of leaders are helping us to remember our own Divinity within.  There is a new generation of leaders that have done the inner work to become positive role models of what humanity is capable of.  We are proud to bring some of these beings to our Global Peace Tribe Audience.
Shekinah and Sananda • Adam Apollo • Eden Amadora • Shawna Bluestar Newcomb
Robert Haig Coxon • Daniel Bellone • Nina Grae • Shylah Ray Sunshine
Hosts:Scott Catamas & Debra Giusti
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Saturday Night Alive
Season 7: A Glimpse of Heaven
October – December 2021
Saturdays, 6pm-8pm PDT
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October 16 – Climate Emergency – The Way Forward
October 23 – Honoring Our Body Temple
October 30 – Celebrating Sacred Samhain & All Hallow’s Eve
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