Life & Relationships as Awakened Humans:
A Dialogue with Shekinah & Sananda: The TwinRay

Saturday, October 23, 10am – 12noon PT

Replay Available

Can any relationship become a sacred relationship? What does it look like to live as an AWAKE being? How can we deepen the most important relationships to SELF and to SOURCE? Shekinah & Sananda: The TwinRay will dive deep into these questions and will talk about the work they did on themselves for so long prior to connecting with each other. Shekinah and Sananda are beautiful examples of what living as AWAKE human beings looks like.

The LOVE and Devotion that they have for each other is very inspiring. Equally valuable is how they are fully present to other people and situations in life. We can learn from their example, and how they practice seeing the SACRED in all things. This is a very unique opportunity to dive deep with two awakened human beings who are generously sharing their time and practices with us. This will be an intimate experience, with a limited number of tickets available.

During this Zoom meeting format, we will converse with our TwinRay Couple, with the opportunity to ask them questions about how they relate to themselves, to each other and to the world. That means that the TwinRays will be able to see participants who choose to have their cameras on. This will be a very special and rare dialogue, and a chance for personal connection with Shekinah & Sananda. We will take questions from the audience and pass them on to The TwinRay.