Saturday Night Alive for
the Global Peace Tribe

"Climate Emergency -- The Way Forward"

Saturday, October 16, 6pm – 8pm PT

Replay Available

As recently as October 11th, The Washington Post reports that a new study showed that 85% of the world’s population has been affected by human-induced. The study, published in the journal Nature Climate Change, underscores the extent to which global warming is already reshaping lives around the world. Researchers used machine learning to analyze and map more than 100,000 studies of events that could be linked to human-driven warming.

Saturday Night Alive is bringing together many of the leading community leaders and activists to share the latest data and solutions. Some of what they have to say is devastating to comprehend. However, we still have the necessary solutions if we can come together to change our practices. We will look at what can be done locally and globally!

In addition to powerful speakers and relevant new videos, we will also have music from both new artists, and some of SNA’s favorites from the past.  This show is being co-hosted with Vinit Allen, who has invited some of the people he has great respect for.

Al Gore • David Korten • Osprey Orielle Lake • Clare Dubois • Shariff Abdullah, J.D. • Duane Elgin • Lori Grace • Jay Mayer – the “Aftershow” with Special Guests 
Tina Malia • Joss Jaffe
Special Guest:
Filmmaker Michael Zelniker, Climate Reality LA
Hosts:Scott Catamas, Debra Giusti & Vinit Allen
Watch the Oct 16 Promo video (2:44min)
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Saturday Night Alive
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