Saturday Night Alive for
the Global Peace Tribe

"As Above, So Below: Honoring the Relationship Between Gaia & Humankind "

Saturday, November 6, 6pm – 8pm PT

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There are indigenous languages that do not use nouns because they recognize that everything in life is in active relationship. We may be the first people in history to have lost touch with our relationship to Gaia, the Earth that gives us life, and this loss has affected our relationships with one another and even with ourselves.


On November 6, Gary Zukav will lead our Global Peace Tribe in exploring how to live into our next level of evolution as the Universal Human, Katherine Woodward Thomas will inspire us to 21st century relationships, Steve Farrell will illuminate our understanding of Oneness, and Constance Buffalo and David Nicol will help us to restore and deepen our relationship to our mother planet. Guest co-host Deborah Moldow will weave these threads into the spiritual tapestry of our conscious evolution, as we live into the truth: “As above, so below.”

Luminaries: Gary Zukav • Katherine Woodward Thomas • Steve Farrell • Constance Buffalo • David Nicol

Musicians: Namid Wolf with Casey House • David Kai

Hosts: Deborah Moldow (Evolutionary Leader), Debra Giusti & Scott Catamas

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Saturday Night Alive
Season 7: A Glimpse of Heaven
October – December 2021
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