The Awakening World
for The Global Peace Tribe

Manifesting at the Highest Levels

Saturday, August 27, 6pm PT

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HOSTED BY: Scott Catamas
Scott Catamas, Host
Tanjila, Co-Host
Marci Shimoff, Guest
Brandon Strabala, Guest
Chiraya Dharma, Guest
Samuel the Angelic Knight, Guest
Dana Mistretta, Guest
Alana Leone, Guest
Miguel Montoya, Musical Artist
Luana Joya Lucia, Guest
Kelly Keefe, Musical Artist

Once again, The Awakening World is excited to be collaborating with Tanjila and her wonderful SoulSearch Community of World Class Teachers and Healers. We have chosen 3 different topics to explore at length for each of the 3 weekend shows.

On Friday Night, our theme is “Embracing All Aspects of Self”! We have invited several guest presenters who have within themselves a wide variety of ethnic/Cultural and racial backgrounds. We will look at overcoming the obstacles to personal truth & integrity, especially when we are different from a perceived mainstream. Our guests include Tarek Bibi and Neal Gaur, both of whom will provide original Spoken Word and Rap music for us. 

On Saturday Night, our theme is MANIFESTING AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL. We are excited to have several luminaries sharing their tools on this topic, including best selling author Marci Shimoff. As it’s Saturday Night, we will also have some wonderful live music!

On Sunday Morning, we explore the idea of “SPIRITUAL SOVEREIGNTY”. How do we achieve that in our lives, and how do we honor those with different beliefs? This is an important topic for these times, and again we have 5 wonderful presenters joining us for the discussion.

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Here are our upcoming themes:


On April 18th, we have another special extra event: A 3-hour presentation and Q & A with the TwinRay. We will be live streaming their in-person event in Sebastopol.

On April 20th, we will be coming to you LIVE from the New Living Expo!

On April 22nd, a dynamic conversation with Danny Sheehan & Others about the impending Government Disclosure about U.F.O. / U.A.P. Activity also from the Sunrise Center.

On April 24th, we are celebrating that EVERY DAY IS EARTH DAY.

On April 27th, the theme is “HOW TO CREATE AN AWAKENING WORLD” with some very special guests including a wonderful new Musical Artist Reya Mana.

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