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How a Future Filled with LOVE can Manifest Despite Your Past
with Divine Kika and Scott Catamas

Thursday, February 24, 8:00pm PT

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Divine Kika is bringing Master Relationship Coach Scott Catamas into her Tantra Lounge TV show. Together, they will share their best tips, tools and practices for “Creating a Love Life that you Love”! Scott is the founder of the Love Coach Academy and is famous for his compassionate understanding of human nature. Kika is an Internationally acclaimed Coach specializing in NLP, Tantra and Sacred Sexuality.
 Topics will include: 
– How to Manage Crazy Brains in Love 
– How to be fulfilled in Love despite pain of the past 
– Simple Tools for greater ease & harmony in all of your relationships (family, friends and lovers) 
The fun begins at 7 PM PST. Watch live on Scott’s Facebook Page or join the zoom room at
So join us for the Tantra Lounge Show 
Divine Kika host and producer
Also available on Jess TV Jess FM ROKU
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