The Global Peace Tribe Presents

The New Realities of
Disclosure & Cosmic Awakening


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5-part Online Series
Exclusive Insights About Disclosure
& the ET Contact Movement

Linda Moulton Howe・Whitely Strieber・ Nick Pope
JJ & Desiree Hurtak・ Mary Rodwell・Caroline Cory
Marina Seren・ Adam Apollo・ David Mason・ Kamora Jones

and many more Researchers, Investigators, Experiencers & Starseeds!


The Time is Now!

We are in unprecedented times on the threshold of a new consciousness and new realities! So many things that have been hidden are now being revealed.
Especially in regards to UFO DISCLOSURE!

Everyone needs to know what this Making Contact Series is about to reveal:

What is the current truth about UFO Disclosure?
What information is the government releasing now?
Why are extra-terrestrials coming here, and what do they have to teach us?
What is our personal and spiritual connection with the Galactics?
How are they intrinsically involved in human evolution & our cosmic awakening?

We invite you to join this comprehensive and thought-provoking 5 part series “Making Contact: The New Realities of Disclosure and Cosmic Awakening”. This series is based on the best-selling book “Making Contact” by Alan Steinfeld released in 2021 featuring the top researchers, investigators, scientists, experiencers, starseeds & more.

Featuring such experts in the field such as Linda Moulton Howe, Whitely Strieber, Nick Pope, JJ & Desiree Hurtak, Mary Rodwell, Caroline Cory, Marina Seren, Adam Apollo, Kamora Jones, and many more.

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Here are our upcoming themes:

May 31: Follow up with The TwinRay Community Joegh Bullough Celebration

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