The Awakening World
for The Global Peace Tribe

This weekend, THE AWAKENING WORLD is providing
3 different topics that all revolve around
the Power of Love.

Friday, July 15, 6pm PT

Saturday, July 16, 6pm PT

Sunday, July 17, 10am PT

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HOSTED BY: Scott Catamas

Scott Catamas, Co-Host
Larisa Stow, Co-Host
Mirabai Devi
Bethany Grace


Scott Catamas, Co-Host
Teresa Collins, Co-Host
Jennifer K Hill, Co-Host
Gary Malkin
Miranda Clendening
Steve Kline
Dr James Miles
Julie Krull
Theo Grace
Johanna Beekman


Scott Catamas, Host
Larisa Stow

On Friday Night (July 15) co-hosts Larisa Stow and Scott Catamas will be exploring The Six Agreements of the WEvolution.  This is a powerful understanding cultivated by Larisa and her Shakti Love Warrior Tribe.  We are delighted that Beloved Spiritual Teacher Mirabai Devi will also be joining us live, along with Violinist Bethany Grace.  There will be musical offerings in addition to a dynamic conversation.  
On Saturday Night (July 16), co-hosts Teresa Collins & Jennifer K. Hill from the Global Coherence Pulse are joining Scott Catamas with our theme of LOVE IS THE ANSWER!  It will be an all-star celebration of inspiration, information and live musical offerings!  Luminaries confirmed to join us live include Gary Malkin, Johanna Beekman, Julie Krull, Steve Kline, Miranda Clendening, Dr. James Miles & Theo Grace!  Get ready for a powerful Saturday Night Alive style show!
On the Sacred Sunday show (July 17), Scott welcomes one of his favorites and most inspirational human beings:  Beloved Larisa Stow.  Our Global Peace Tribe knows and loves her as a musical artist, co-host and leader of the Shakti Love Warriors.  On Sunday, we will have an intimate experience of another aspect of Larisa.  When facing a life-threatening disease, she courageously chose to spend several days in absolute darkness to face the unknown.  She has recently come out of the void and back into our world and is going to share her remarkable journey (and results) with us!  Join us as we learn all about Larisa Stow’s Healing Journey into the Darkness!
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The Awakening World
January 2024 – March 2024
Wednesdays, 6:00pm PT
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Here are our upcoming themes:

The Month of February is THE MONTH OF LOVE!

Saturday Night, February 24th, we are coming to you live from the San Rafael Enlightenment Expo with co-host Tanjila and her SoulSearch Psychics & TV stars 

Wednesday Night, February 28th, it’s EGYPT REVISITED part 2 with Debra Giusti, The Stargate Experience and Viviane Chauvet

March 2nd, we are having an exciting collaboration with The TwinRay collaboration in Ashland, Oregon. We are re-opening the renovated “HAVEN” after a 2 month winter closure. We have exciting musical guests lined up and special experiences.

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