The Awakening World
for The Global Peace Tribe

Presenting this weekend’s theme:

Listening to the Soul: Empowering our Purpose

Friday, May 20, 6pm PT

Saturday, May 21, 6pm PT

Sunday, May 22, 10am PT

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HOSTED BY: Scott Catamas

Scott Catamas & Trish Wright are co-hosts
Wendy Elwell, Guest
Lion Goodman, Guest
Dr. Carista Luminare Guest


Scott Catamas & Jennifer K. Hill are co-hosts
Jude Currivan, Guest
Adam Hall, Guest
Julie Krull, Guest
Teresa Collins, Guest
Shakti Durga, Guest
Dr. Mama Ivy, Music
Theo Grace – Music
IshkaLa – Jameeshka – Music


Scott Catamas and Jennifer K. Hill are the co-hosts
Shannon Leischner, Guest
Kimberly Meredith, Guest
Vlada de Sousa, Guest
Hayley Enright, Guest

What does your soul sound like? Have you ever listened to it or for it? This weekend, we are going to explore listening to our soul and empowering our purpose.
Have you ever spent years in a job that sucked the life out of you or perhaps you were in a relationship that left you feeling drained? What if life could be easy and effortless? What if we could listen to our souls and empower what we were sent here to do?
Throughout this weekend, “The Awakening World” welcomes several world class healers and thought leaders from around the world, including best-selling author Jude Currivan, to provide us with tools and techniques to tune into our soul and align with our purpose.
On Friday Night, we will be exploring limiting beliefs and empowering our purpose with consultants and wellness experts Dr. Carista Luminare, Lion Goodman and Wendy Elwell. Jennifer K. Hill, co-founder of will be co-hosting along with Trish.
On Saturday Night we will explore the unitive narrative ( which was written by several Evolutionary Leaders including Jude Currivan and Adam Hall originally for the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. 
Jude, Adam, co-collaborators of the narrative, Teresa Collins of the Global Coherence Pulse and Julie Krull of Good of the Whole, will each offer insights and wisdom into how science is providing more and more evidence that coming from a place of cooperation and unity can support us with empowering our greater purpose on this planet.
We have musical inspirations: Dr. Mama Ivy, Theo Grace and IshkaLa – Jameeshka joining us.
We will also have a thought leader from Australia, Shakti Durga, share insights from her 20+ years of experience connecting to the Divine, as well as teaching and training thousands of healers.
We conclude with a very special Sacred Sunday Show.  You will meet several renowned healers from around the world who will discuss how to listen to our soul and connect to the Divine. Best-selling author and medical medium Kimberly Meredith will be joined by Shannon Leischner, Vlada de Sousa, and Hayley Enright who are energy meta-cine practitioners from
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Here are our themes for the next few weeks:

May 20-22 Collaboration with Jennifer Hill / Global Coherence Pulse: “Listening to the Soul: Empowering our Purpose”

May 27-29 MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND and we will be honoring our Ancestors in collaboration with Lloyd Barde and RelaxpansionFest and an incredible group of Musical Artists such as Brian Wilson.

June 3-5  SoulSearch Collaboration with Tanjila featuring her healers and Luminaries. (Promoting the 40th anniversary of PEACE SUNDAY)

June 10-12 BELOVED AUTHORS and THEIR BOOKS with Matt Kahn, Andrew Harvey, Caroline Myss, Katherine Woodward Thomas and several others

June 17-19 WORLD UNITY WEEK COLLABORATION Join Ben Bowler, Jon Ramer and Kristin Hoffmann

June 24-26 World Unity Week Conclusion and Summer Solstice Celebration

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