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Unleashing Your Inner Resilience:
Navigating Adversity with Strength

Saturday, November 18, 6pm PT

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HOSTED BY: Scott Catamas
Jennifer Hill, co-Host
Omashar, House Musical Artist
Nina Grae, Guest Musical Artist
Rollin McCraty, Guest
Melissa Bernstein, Guest
Teresa Collins, Guest
Rhonda Vetere, Guest
Paul Zak,Guest
Brandon Maslan, Guest
Julie Krull, Guest

On Saturday Night, November 18th at 6 pm PST, we have a terrific show planned. Join Scott Catamas and Jennifer K. Hill as they host a special episode featuring renowned thought leaders from around the globe. The focus? “Unleashing Your Inner Resilience: Navigating Adversity with Strength.”

In this episode, you’ll hear insights from author and thought leader, Rhonda Vetere, Dr. Rollin McCraty, Director of Research at HeartMath, Teresa Collins (founder of the Global Coherence Pulse), and Julie Krull from the Dr. Julie show. Additionally, renowned neuroscientist Paul Zak, the mind behind the Best Tuesday Ever app, will be sharing cutting-edge innovations in resilience.

Don’t miss the opportunity to gain wisdom from Melissa Bernstein, the visionary behind Melissa and Doug Toys and Lifelines, as she imparts the lessons learned from facing adversity. Tune in for an inspiring and insightful conversation!

Additionally, executive Coach Brandon Maslan will share his favorite resilience techniques.

We have two wonderful musical artists joining us:  Nina Grae and Omashar, each providing beautiful songs.  The evening concludes with a K.E.S. Group Healing experience provided to us by Nathalie Moutia coming to us from Europe.

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