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Sep 18 Saturday Night Alive – Honoring Peace Makers and Wayshowers

We are Celebrating Peace Weekend and the International Day of Peace on Saturday, September 18th Saturday Night Alive for the Global Peace Tribe.

This is a very powerful weekend! This year marks the 40th anniversary of the UN resolution in 1981 declaring the “International Day of Peace”. This resolution was the result of the works of a number of legendary peace-builders including Robert Muller and Ambassador John McDonald. One of the central figures in this extraordinary history is Avon Mattison who had dedicated her life to advocating for a “World Peace Day” commemorated through the United Nations. 

Enter Jeremy Gilley, founder of Peace One Day. Jeremy, a Brit whose advocacy is captured in his celebrated documentaries Peace One Day and The Day After Peace. Jeremy’s efforts led to the 2001 U.N. resolution that forever fixed the date of the International Day of Peace to be September 21 each and every year.

Saturday Night Alive is taking this opportunity to explore how we can create PEACE in our daily lives as well as on the macro level. We are proud to be collaborating with Ben Bowler from UNITY EARTH who is bringing several new guests and musical artists to SNA. We are bringing together key visionaries who were instrumental in creating the Peace Weekend which is set to become the first global public holiday! This includes Avon Mattison and Jeremy Gilley!We understand that “as within, so without” and so we will balance tools for inner peace, while celebrating those creating global peace. Join us for this historic moment as SATURDAY NIGHT ALIVE showcases all these people, organizations and movements together!

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