Wednesday Night Edition

Activating Our Highest Potential

Wednesday, June 12 at 6:00pm PT

with Scott Catamas, Omashar, Zenka Caro, Amanda Sanders,
Amy Levin, Raquel Spring, Altair

We start on Wednesday Night, June 12th with a show dedicated to “ACTIVATING OUR HIGHEST POTENTIAL”. We have a powerful lineup of guest presenters starting with Amanda Sanders and Amy Levin. They are the co-founders of www.Authentic.CEO and have helped corporations large & small to shift their ways of doing business. They are Wise, Delightful and Inspirational.

We also are grateful that our friend Zenka Caro is coming back to share about her new project: The Holomovement Purpose Lab. Also joining Zenka are Global Peace Tribe Luminaries Raquel Spring (our favorite astrologer) and Altair (the cosmic go-between Worlds). This show was inspiring, informative & included 3 Omashar songs.

We are also supporting our friend Sommer Joy Ramer who is leading a Dance-a-Thon four days in a row starting on Thursday, June 13th.

You can join her from 4:11 am PDT to 12:12 pm each day at: