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Friday, May 13, 6pm PT

Saturday, May 14, 6pm PT

Sunday, May 15, 10am PT

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HOSTED BY: Scott Catamas

Scott Catamas & Trish Wright are co-hosts
Viraja Prema, Guest
Phillippe Lewis, Guest
Ilsa Fay, Guest


Scottt Catamas & Jennifer K. Hill are co-hosts
Pia Avila, Guest
Kristin Johnson, Guest
David Groode, Guest
Nancy Penttila, Guest
Karen Frances McCarthy, Guest
Aaron Rodriguez, Guest
Jessica Osterday, Guest
Tatiana Speed, Musical Offerings
Jai Uttal, Kirtan – Music


Scott Catamas is the host
Jonathan & Heike Hudson, Guests
Julie Avena, Guest
Josiane Bonté Apollon, Guest

What have been your favorite moments in life? They are almost always moments of connection: with family, friends, nature, pets. When it comes to our human relationships, our favorite moments are usually intimate times. That can include physical, emotional or spiritual intimacy.
On the other hand, most of the painful moments in life are times of separation. When trust is broken, or intimacy is not maintained with someone that we love. We get hurt and we develop “Veils of Past Pain” that impact our ability to see others (or parts of life) clearly.
Throughout this weekend, “The Awakening World” welcomes several world class healers to help us with practical tools for healing the past, and creating a more loving future. 
 On Friday Night, we will primarily be exploring the dynamics of adult love relationships. We start by looking at “Inner Intimacy” with Viraja Prema. We will also take a dive into “The Science of Attachment” with Phillippe Lewis and Erotic Understanding with Ilsa Fay.
On Saturday Night, our co-host & collaborating partner is Jennifer K. Hill who has invited several of her facilitators from to join us. They represent four different healing modalities, and will provide tips, tools and practices!
We are also welcoming Kristin Johnson back to the show as she has so much to offer. Pia Avila will provide a KES healing process for the entire audience (learned from The TwinRay).
Our Musical offerings will be from Jai Uttal and Tatiana Speed, two of our most Beloved Musical Artists.
We conclude with a very special Sacred Sunday Show. You will meet Jonathan and Heike Hudson, who are a powerful couple who run They are bringing one of their clients with them, whose life and relationship history was dramatically healed through their work. This will be a powerful opportunity to learn how we can deeply heal our past pains. Josiane Bonte Apollon also returns to provide her wisdom as the author of “Compassionate Love in Intimate Relationships:”
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Here are our upcoming themes:

The Month of February is THE MONTH OF LOVE!

Saturday Night, February 24th, we are coming to you live from the San Rafael Enlightenment Expo with co-host Tanjila and her SoulSearch Psychics & TV stars 

Wednesday Night, February 28th, it’s EGYPT REVISITED part 2 with Debra Giusti, The Stargate Experience and Viviane Chauvet

March 2nd, we are having an exciting collaboration with The TwinRay collaboration in Ashland, Oregon. We are re-opening the renovated “HAVEN” after a 2 month winter closure. We have exciting musical guests lined up and special experiences.

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