Wednesday Night Edition

Healing Ourselves Heals the World

Wednesday, October 18 at 6:00 pm PT

with Scott Catamas, Larisa Stow, Omashar, Deborah Juliette, Ellie Pechet, Nicholas Thales

On Wednesday Night, October 18th at 6 PM PDT, we have an important edition of The Awakening World.

How do we heal the pain and suffering of our World?

As we watch in shock & horror certain events on our planet, we all feel called to DO SOMETHING!  What if healing ourselves, and our relationships, is how we can create greater peace and healing?

Co-Host Larisa Stow joins Scott Catamas to explore this possibility.   Larisa has healed herself of life threatening diseases, and is an inspiration to our great Global Peace Tribe.   She has invited her friend Ellie Pechet to join us, and Ellie Pechet is a Meta-physician, Medium, Shaman, and author with over 33 years of experience in the intuitive counseling/energy healing field.  

Deborah Juliette will also be joining us, providing her wisdom and her K.E.S. healing abilities.   Both Deborah and Ellie will provide healing experiences for our audience.

Nicholas Thale will provide the evening meditation, and House Musical Artist Omashar will provide an opening & closing song.