The Awakening World
for The Global Peace Tribe

The Art & Power of Grief Literacy:
Facing Our Pain and Awakening Gratefulness

Saturday, November 26, 6pm PT

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HOSTED BY: Scott Catamas

Scott Catamas, Host
Gary Malkin, co-host & Guest
Ken Druck, Guest
Kim Rosen, Guest
Michael Tamura, Guest
Omashar, House Musical Artist

This weekend on THE AWAKENING WORLD, host Scott Catamas is conversing with some of the most interesting people that he knows! We will be covering those topics that impact us all and inviting audience dialogue as well.

On Friday Night, November 25th, Scott welcomes a new co-host Leah Lovelight Michael. She is:

  • the founder of Lovelight Way;
  • co-creator of REVEAL Retreat;
  • author of the book Modern Fear The Invisible Prison;
  • a soulFULL teacher for change makers, soul seekers, intuitive curious and heart centered leaders;
  • a certified XCHANGE Guide, Master Facilitator, Award Winning Retreat Leader, and intenSati Leader. 

Scott and Leah will be looking at some of the more interesting segments from past shows and commenting on The Great Mystery of Life itself.

On Saturday Night, November 26th, Scott welcomes Gary Malkin as a co-host on a very important topic: The Art & Power of Grief Literacy: Facing Our Pain and Awakening Gratefulness. We have invited 4 Luminary Wisdom Keepers for this conversation:

Gary Malkin is a multiple Emmy award-winning composer, public speaker, performer, & music wellness innovator who produces strategies for health, wellness, & a more compassionate world. He is one of our most popular guests and musical artists!

Ken Druck, Ph.D. is a leading mental health expert focused on the areas of civility, relationships, and aging. He writes regularly for the national press and is the author of several books including, Raising an Aging Parent, Courageous Aging, and The Real Rules of Life. 

Michael Tamura lives the miracle: Spiritually aware from childhood, he sees you the way you are—as immortal souls. To guide thousands to their healing, awakening, and true purpose, he draws from years of intensive training, past-life recall, nightly out-of-body sojourns, forty-eight years of teaching and giving clairvoyant counseling, and a lifetime of extraordinary experiences, including returning from death—five times.

Kim Rosen, M.F.A., has awakened listeners around the world to the power of poetry to heal and transform individuals and communities. She is the author of Saved by a Poem: The Transformative Power of Words.

On the Sacred Sunday Show (November 27th), Scott welcomes two longtime friends: Joy Nordenstrom and Chiraya Dharma. They are both brilliant visionaries dedicated to raising consciousness. JOY is dedicated to Guiding individuals to be their personal best in partnership, as a Relationship Mentor, for both singles and those in a relationship striving to make it their forevermore partnership, She combines a number of tools that are scientific and intuitive.

Chiraya Dharma is an Author, muse, spiritual catalyst and speaker Chiraya brings forth inspired messages of spiritual healing and recalibration to support people in “self-reflection to self-correction” on our unique journeys of spiritual awakening.

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