Golden Age Energetics Online Retreat
with Shekinah & Sananda: The TwinRay

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Are You Ready To Unearth and Embody The Innate Divinity Within You?
Awakening Human Divinity Online Retreat
A Transformative Journey beyond what you know is possible to Reveal The Power Within
“Golden Age Energetics: Awakening Human Divinity” is a 7-day online retreat composed of both a beautiful heart illuminating ceremony, and a profound closing ceremony that has proved to be a miraculous, healing/wholing and greatly transformational experience for thousands of people all over the world from numerous cultures, age groups and spiritual backgrounds.
The Golden Age Energetics prepares you for this unprecedented time of Great Prophecy, for the global shifts, challenges presented now and later and begins to activate and accelerate your light quotient in order to generate the new genetic coding for The Divine Human. 
Countless people who have been deeply engaged on a spiritual path for 30, 40, 50 years have shared that Golden Age Energetics (GAE) is the experience that they had been waiting for their entire spiritual journey. 
This program puts together all the missing pieces and questions that come up for everyone that is walking their spiritual path.
Through this quantum retreat experience, thousands have witnessed their most profound life altering shifts to date, the release of deeply rooted patterns, physical ailments, mind and body traumas and un-resolved karma, all while upgrading the internal biocircuitry and chakra system to better connect and manifest the Golden Age. 
Master teachers Shekinah and Sananda, begin to transform the human body from homo sapien biology to Divine Human Golden Age Physiology in just 7 days.
Through the power of their transmissions, the incontrovertible wisdom shared, the decoding of ancient scriptures across many lineages, invocations, evocations, energetic code activations and practices for each wheel of light, with a new one given each day, one can not help but feel as if you have been lifted into another reality that is only held in Divine Love through the realm of Heaven. 
GAE is a doorway to the Heaven within you. It shall teach you the most Sacred and Ancient Wisdom to assist you in the awakening of your Human Divine template, for the next evolutionary cycle for humankind, and this is only their beginner program, so it is both for the most advanced and for anyone who is just beginning to awaken to Truth. 
GAE is one of TwinRay’s Signature Courses and is the gateway and prerequisite to attend any of Shekinah and Sananda’s Sanctuary retreats, group immersions and to take the Krystic Energy System, their Healing certification they brought from the future to greatly up level your Healing abilities, your spiritual age and all of your Practices. 
If you’re feeling out of sync and disconnected from others and Self, you are not alone. Dear One, we see you.
Right now, it is imperative to find the grounding required to tune into your innate wisdom and Divine Energy. Which is exactly why we have designed the most potent, transformative and uplifting Program for you. Experience the deeply effective, holistic spiritual evolution you seek together with us during the Golden Age Energetics Program.
Over the course of this powerful program, you will learn everything you need, step-by-step and with our very close guidance, to find the foundation and clarity you require to shift into your truly empowered Self. We impart to you the skills, techniques and practices you need to navigate uncertain times now and in the future. And along the way, you attain and integrate everything you need to embark on your journey as a Divine Human.
It’s about remembering your innate divinity and then building the body of light that maintains a high consciousness! As you dispense with negative beliefs and behaviors, you relinquish judgment, negativity, suppression and restrictive ideology and naturally move into a space of deep calm, with a focus on spiritual advancement and evolution of consciousness.