The Awakening World
for The Global Peace Tribe

Celebrating 11 Days of Global Unity

Saturday, September 9, 6pm PT

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HOSTED BY: Scott Catamas
Omashar, co-Host and House Musical Artist
Rick Ulfik, co-Host
Jonathan Granoff, Guest
Dot Maver, Guest
Reverend Deborah Moldow, Guest
Anne-Marie Voorhoeve, Guest
ShaRon Rea, Guest
Rose Marie Swanson. KES Healing Facilitator
On Saturday Night, September 9th at 6 pm, it’s our annual Celebration of 11 DAYS OF GLOBAL UNITY.  In 2004 We, The World brought together global partners to launch 11 Days of Global Unity symbolically marking that transformative global journey from fear (Sept 11) to hope (Sept 21). Since then, 11 Days has become a worldwide platform for changemakers with 11 Campaigns for the promotion of peace, justice, sustainability and transformation.
Our co-host for The Awakening World is the founder, Rick Ulfik. For over 30 years Rick has been a member of hundreds of creative teams producing network television shows, feature films, national commercials, hit records and other media. 
Many of Rick’s colleagues will be joining us on Sept. 6th, including Reverend Deborah Moldow, a frequent co-host of The Awakening World. You will also hear from great Luminary leaders Jonathan Granoff, Dot Maver and ShaRon Rea. 
We have 3 terrific musical artists joining us on September 6th. Pureland Music stars Kyle and Marcie will be with us, along with House Musical Artist Omashar.
We always conclude our Saturday Night show with a K.E.S. Group Healing. This week’s facilitator is Rose Marie Swanson.
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