The Awakening World
for The Global Peace Tribe

Making Contact:
Opening up to our Galactic Family

Saturday, January 27, 6pm PT

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HOSTED BY: Scott Catamas
Omashar, co-Host and House Musical Artist
Alan Steinfeld, co-Host
Geraldine Orozco, Featured Guest
Eden Amadora, Guest
Serena Wright Taylor, Guest
Douglas Taylor, Guest
Roderick Martin, Guest
John Martin, Guest
Catherine Chapey, Guest
Kathleen Covalt, Guest

An emerging common experience is coming to terms with increased other-worldly connections. Nearly all of our Global Peace Tribe Audience members have had unique connections to “the other side” or “Galactic Family”.

On Saturday Night, January 27th at 6 pm PST, we will explore this phenomenon. Our topic is “MAKING CONTACT: Opening up to our Galactic Family”.

Our co-host is Alan Steinfeld, who literally wrote the book on “MAKING CONTACT”. He has interviewed nearly every significant author and experiencer on his popular “New Realities” Online show. Alan & Host Scott Catamas have invited a terrific panel of experiencers to share their stories and provide tips, tools and practices.

Our guests include:

– Geraldine Orozco, a multi-disciplinary psycho-therapist and medical practitioner who has helped hundreds of clients to understand & manage their multi-dimensional experiences, including being a hybrid human/alien.

– Roderick Martin is a TV personality and Radio Show Host, who investigates UFOs and UAPs for MUFON. (Mutual UFO Network) and is an acclaimed expert on UFOs.

– Eden Amadora, a popular co-host on The Awakening World, sharing for the first time her contact experience and journey into the multi-dimensional worlds.

– Serena Wright Taylor is a Producer with the Conscious Life Expo for the past 22 years, she runs the UFO Section and Ancient Mysteries sections of the expo.

– Kathleen B. Covalt, Ed.D. has a Doctoral Degree in Educational Psychology with a specialization in Transpersonal Psychology and a master’s degree in Psychological Counseling. Over the years, Kathleen has studied the UFO/ UAP phenomena.

– Rev Catherine Chapey is a UFO and ET Contactee of many different types of Inter-dimensional Beings and UFOs. They have appeared in her home, in her yard, in dreams, visions, meditations, and in this 3D physical reality over a 17 year period.

– Douglas Taylor is a multi-talented visionary artist, author, speaker, surfer and home builder. In 1978, Douglas experienced a life-changing encounter, finding himself inside a starship and telepathically communicating with its extra-terrestrial occupants.

– John Martin is one of our most Beloved guests, an acclaimed musical artist who is deeply connected to the Galactic Family. His videos of connection with the Star Family delights audiences and he has published a new book on his experiences.

– House Musical Artist Omashar will offer 3 musical numbers and the evening will conclude with a K.E.S. Group Healing experience provided by Rose Marie Swanson.

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