Wednesday Night Edition

Healing our Family Ties

Wednesday, May 1 at 6:00pm PT

with Scott Catamas, Omashar, Paul Sterling,
Iara Line, Katrina Vaillancourt

Wednesday May 1st is Global Love Day, also “May-Day” and Beltane time. It’s a wonderful time for us to explore healing our relationships, and we have three of our favorite “Love Coaches” joining us: Paul Sterling, Katrina Vaillancourt and Iara Line.

Paul and Katrina are longtime colleagues of Scott Catamas and the Love Coach Academy. Katrina is also the creator of the popular Love Smart Cards. Paul is a best-selling author and Beloved Teacher.

Did you know it is already proven by science that unresolved family traumas and entanglements can get passed from generation to generation? This can create family ties that hold you back from having a fulfilling life. Would you like to know how this happens and how to undo those unhealthy family entanglements? Iara Line will help us to understand all about Family Constellation work and Epigenetics.