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Experiencing the Sacred Alchemy of the Divine Human in the New Earth

Our Saturday Night Alive audience has heard the Clarion Call, and chosen to be present for the shift from one dimension into another. Our show on September 4th helped our audience onto a deep journey into what’s possible! Shekinah and Sananda also appeared on host Scott Catamas’ other two shows, Sacred Sundays and Straight Talk. See below for replays.

What if the chaos and confusion of the external world is actually GRACE upon humanity and Mother Earth? Diamonds are created by immense pressure, steel from extreme heat! Humanity must shift into a higher level of consciousness so that we can be stewards and caretakers of the Earth!What if HEAVEN ON EARTH is already here? If so, we need to awaken from the collective delusion of life alienating consciousness

Here at Saturday Night Alive, we are excited to be collaborating with the Twin Rays Shekinah & Sananda, who are already living moment-to-moment in a Golden Age. They represent the future of human development, and will be sharing their wisdom and tools for Alchemizing the human experience.

Jesus said, “As above, so Below”. The Beatles sang “Within you, Without you”. When the switch flicks on with enough people, the Golden Age we seek shall be revealed and seen. Co-creating the New Earth together as we experience and understand the alchemy within, we are now co-creating the Golden Age.

Featuring: Shekinah & Sananda, Meg Benedicte, William Henry, Robert Haig Coxon, Scott Werner, Johanna OneHeart Beekman, Shaun Jay, Kitty Wells, Debra Giusti, Scott Catamas

Catch the Replays:


Saturday Night Alive Replay

Sacred Sunday Show

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