The Awakening World
for The Global Peace Tribe

Indigenous and US Special Forces Veterans Sacred Covenant for Unifying our
Human Family and Ending War

Saturday, February 4, 6pm PT

Replays Available for All That Register

HOSTED BY: Scott Catamas

Omashar, House Musical Artist
Chief Phil Lane Jr., Guest
Andrew Marrs, Guest
Grandmother Mona Polacca, Guest
Jon & Sommer Ramer, Guests
Kristin Hoffmann, Musical Guest (pre-recorded video)

On Saturday Night, February 4th at 6 PM Pacific Time, we will be continuing a powerful conversation that started last Sunday (Jan. 29th).  Chief Phil Lane Jr. and Andrew Marrs are co-creators of the Warrior Angels collective, and they are sharing what has taken place as we move forward to creating peace in our world.  BOTH of these men are “Earth Angels” and “Warrior Angels”.  On March 4- 5, 2022, US Special Forces Veterans from Veterans Organizations across the United States unified forces with Indigenous Spiritual Leaders in the Sacred Process of the 4X4X44 Sacred Run (48 miles / 48 hours) and Sacred Staking Ceremony, hosted by the Warrior Angel Foundation.
These Sacred Ceremonies were blessed and empowered with a Sacred Pipe of Crazy Horse, Sacred Songs, Prayers, and Dance. They were soul-moving, with great thanksgiving to the love, compassion, and grace of our Beloved Creator.  For the first time, they are sharing these experiences and wisdom publicly, via our “Awakening World” shows.
Please watch the recording from last Sunday prior to attending this Saturday.  Here’s the recording from our YouTube Channel:
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Here are our upcoming themes:

We are putting a special emphasis on tools for awakening consciousness into many of our upcoming shows. We are also doing several collaborations with The Sunrise Center, providing film screenings as “Hybrid” Live experiences.

On May 29th, we will have one of those Hybrid events as we learn all about the Hacking of our personal information and its impact.

On June 1st, Reverend Deborah Moldow returns as a co-host and we will be meeting several members of The Evolutionary Leader’s Network. We will get a report about the HoloMovement Gathering that just took place in Ibiza.

On June 5th, it’s another edition of “AUTHORS THAT WE LOVE”, as we bring you 3 new books and their fascinating authors.

On June 9th, Kristin Hoffmann returns to co-host and provide musical offerings. We are dedicating this show to World Ocean Day.

On June 12th, we will be learning about Conscious Business from the dynamic duo of Amanda Sanders and Amy Levin.

On June 15th, it’s that time of year again: The kickoff of “99 DAYS OF UNITY” with co-hosts Jon & Sommer Ramer and several members of World Unity Week.

On June 19th, we will be replaying the conversation we recently had with Marianne Williamson, and discussing this with YOU: our audience

On June 22nd, we are planning to come to you live from the Mindfullness Meditation event happening at Castaic Lake, California. This is part of the Disclosure Festival, and we will hear from Luminaries and Guest Musical Artists.

On June 29th, it’s time for another Festival: EARTHSTOCK which is bringing together Tribal Elders, Musical Artists & Environmentalists.


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