Wednesday Night Edition

Egypt Reactivated - It’s Time!
Episode 2

Wednesday, February 28 at 6:00pm PT

with Scott Catamas, Debra Giusti, Viviane Chauvet, JulieAnne Conrad, Prageet Harris, THE STARGATE EXPERIENCE

Join us as we uncover the secrets of Egypt’s ancient wisdom and take you on a captivating exploration of the powerful, sacred sites of Egypt coming alive! Join us for significant, live activations as we open a gateway to higher understandings of our existence. 


We are back for one more program to share the key revelations from the magical 10-day spiritual adventure through the sacred sites of Egypt that happened September 18 – 30, 2023. During the entire trip, deep, ancient knowledge was revealed, significant activations were experienced, and major spiritual confirmations were received, such as witnessing a massive Green Orb on the side of the Giza pyramid.


On this journey, a diverse group of a hundred women and a few incredible men from around the world gathered for a Spiritual Odyssey. Through communication with their spiritual guides, Alcazar and the Arcturian Councils, our facilitators, Prageet, Julieanne, and Vivianeshared that Egypt’s ancient temples were originally designed as powerful energy conduits and channels of healing. They revealed that the spiritual guides said that the trip’s true purpose was to activate Egypt’s sacred sites and assist them in reclaiming their original power for these current evolutionary times.


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During this program, the facilitators The Stargate Experience (Ascension Teachers Prageet & Julieanne), Viviane Chauvet (Ascension Teacher & Activation Guide), and Debra Giusti (Ascension Guide, Author & Producer) and their spiritual guides Alcazar and the Arcturian Councils, will share new key revelations including:


  • The connection between Atlantis, Lemuria and ancient Egypt and how some of the knowledge, technology, and direct lineage of Atlantis seeded ancient Egypt
  • The Power of the Divine Feminine as an evolutionary force of these times that was revealed by a direct channeling of the goddess Isis within the Giza Pyramid Queen’s Chamber and through direct contact at the Temple of Isis
  • Orbs that were documented inside the underground tombs at Saqqara, Egypt
  • A potent light language activation shared by Viviane
  • Mystical Revelations of the Temple of Luxor, one of the most famous temples in Egypt
  • Viviane’s experience in The Temple of Abydos and Osiris of a dimensional portal opening that transported her out of time and space 
  • Plus, insights from Greece!


The journey ended in a convergence of 1,000 people joining together for four days on an island in Greece for continued profound revelations and spiritual activations. The Stargate Experience and Viviane will reveal the exciting bottom line of what was accomplished for the group and the human collective. And hear what’s next for the collective and what all these spiritual revelations mean!


Come immerse yourself in the reactivation of Egypt’s sacred power. 



Did you miss Episode 1: Egypt Reactivated – It’s Time! Experience the Reactivation of the Sacred Sites of Egypt? Click here to get access to watch it instantly:



In this episode, experience the revival of Egypt’s sacred sites led by Prageet, Julianne, Viviane, and Debra including activations at iconic locations, including the Sphinx, Giza Pyramid, Luxor, Karnak, Dendera, Temple of Hathor, and Temple of Isis. Watch the extraordinary webinar to witness firsthand photos and stories, connect with spiritual guides, experience live activations, and hear about the journey culminating in placing an etheric gold capstone on the Giza Pyramid during a full moon activation!


We can’t wait to uncover Egypt’s hidden mysteries and profound insights with you! Join us for this captivating recap and discover the magic that took place.


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