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Presenting this weekend’s theme:

Earth Day 2022: Practices for Honoring & Supporting our Planet

Friday, April 22, 6pm PT

Saturday, April 23, 6pm PT

Sunday, April 24, 10am PT

Replays Available for All That Register

HOSTED BY: Scott Catamas

Robin Streicher, Kurt Johnson, Duane Elgin


Sue Blythe, Daveed Benjamin, Adrian Alvarez, John Quigley, Clare Dubois, Grandmother Flordemayo,
Sylvie Rokab, Katherine Woodward Thomas, Brooke Medicine Eagle, Tatiana Speed, Destiny Love

Special Aftershow reading of Robin’s Screenplay:


Danielea Castell, Ana Maria Vasquez, Zaiah Loudon, Robin Streichler

In celebration of Earth Day, THE AWAKENING WORLD is dedicating the weekend of April 22-24 to providing specific practices for honoring Mama Gaia. We have invited those who are providing REAL Solutions that are available to us all. 
We are proud of the many collaborative partners that we are working with this year. With all the challenges that humanity is facing, Climate Change is more accurately now called CLIMATE CRISIS. This weekend, we will not focus on the problems as much as the very specific solutions that are available to us.
Our co-producer for this event is Robin Streichler, who has also written an environmental screenplay. We are producing a reading with professional actors of this groundbreaking and exciting script.
Longtime Senior Producer Janice Kaplan is also contributing her talents to our weekend. Throughout the weekend, Musical Artist Destiny Love will be providing live songs! Joining us are people of all ages and backgrounds who are making a difference, locally and globally.  
On Friday Night, longtime Eco Activists Duane Elgin and Kurt Johnson are joining co-hosts Scott, Trish and Robin. This is a zoom MEETING format so that there can be direct connection with the audience.
On Saturday Night, we will meet young people who are making a difference, and hear from Eco Activist Clare Dubois, the founder of TreeSisters.  Grandmother FlorDeMayo leads a powerful prayer for the Earth. We will meet Eco Artist John Quigley! Live music from Tatiana Speed and Destiny Love will keep the evening moving with LOVE. We are especially excited about a unique Saturday Night Aftershow when a dozen professional actors will read Robin’s script! 
We conclude with the Sacred Sunday Show, which features Danielea Castell, Ana Maria Vasquez and Zaiah Loudon. These three powerful voices will guide our viewers through connection to Nature!   This is a zoom MEETING format so that there can be direct connection with the audience.
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Here are our upcoming themes:


On April 18th, we have another special extra event: A 3-hour presentation and Q & A with the TwinRay. We will be live streaming their in-person event in Sebastopol.

On April 20th, we will be coming to you LIVE from the New Living Expo!

On April 22nd, a dynamic conversation with Danny Sheehan & Others about the impending Government Disclosure about U.F.O. / U.A.P. Activity also from the Sunrise Center.

On April 24th, we are celebrating that EVERY DAY IS EARTH DAY.

On April 27th, the theme is “HOW TO CREATE AN AWAKENING WORLD” with some very special guests including a wonderful new Musical Artist Reya Mana.

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